Autumn price fall for poker software


Promotion Autumn 2016

Summer is over, warm days have left us with pleasant memories that will keep us warm until the cold ends.

And so that cloudy weather does not spoil your mood, you can be distracted by a game of poker: improve your skills, climb the limits and save up for the next vacation. In the PokerEnergy store, you can purchase merchandise that will increase your liquidity at the poker table. Discounts up to 80% are available for our clients in the autumn.

We will offer you the best prices guaranteed!

Here is the current list of discounts:

1. The entire line of poker indicators: Tournament Indicator, Stud Indicator, Omaha Indicator, Holdem Indicator, iHoldem Indicator.

15% discount on all versions. Save up to $ 15.

Let us remind you that the indicators provide an opportunity to gain an advantage both for beginners and pros to make a decision during the game, to get additional information on opponents. And also see your odds and determine your opponent's playing style. All indicators are displayed on the table or next to the player.

2. SNG Wizard 2

Discount 20 percent. Save $ 15 on a lifetime license.

3. Sharkystrator

10% discount on all versions. Save up to $ 54.

4. Book of Secrets of No-Limit Hold'em. Written by Danny Ashman. Digital version.

Discount 80 percent off. Saving $ 24. It was $ 30, now it is $ 6.

5. Book Beat micro-limits. Posted by Nathan Williams. Digital version.

Discount 46 percent off. Saving $ 7. It was $ 15, now it is $ 8.

We wish you a warm autumn and more drifts!