How to use Flopzilla and analyze hands in it?

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Before going directly to the story (with examples and screenshots) about how to use Flopzilla, a little lyrical digression about the career of a poker player. The first step on the way from an amateur who is simply interested in to a good regular is usually to buy a poker tracker. Indeed, without Holdem Manager 3 or Hand2Note, you will not be able to fully collect information about your game for further analysis. However, after the tracker begins to import hands, another need arises - to correctly analyze them, find errors and correct them.

At the initial stage of development, a poker player has enough tracker tools and a specialized forum, where other poker players will help find leaks in your game. After getting rid of the most obvious mistakes, raising the level of the game will require more meaningful efforts. And more advanced poker tools. It's about equity calculators. The most popular and sought-after of them is considered Flopzilla.

*Main window of the Flopzilla program

Consider the correct use of Flopzilla with a specific example. Based on the following hand:


In the hand, the opponent from the middle position (MP) makes an open raise, and we are on the cutoff (CO). Please note that he has an incomplete stack, as well as the size of his opening, which is only 2 big blinds. In theory, the smaller the raise, the looser we can call. An additional justification for the call is supposedly weak players in the big and small blinds (also incomplete stacks).

*A sample of building a preflop range of a CO call versus MP in Flopzilla.

Our prediction came true - the weak players on SB and BB also went into the hand and we have to play the multipot for four players on the flop. If you get into the set, we can win a very large bank.


We are lucky on the flop - we are collecting a set of fives. At the same time, there is a problem - the 356 board, albeit of a mixed suit, but contains a lot of straight draws. It is impossible to completely dismiss made straights, because, firstly, this is NL2, and secondly, all our rivals are recreational players who could play 74s in the blinds.

We must protect our strong, but vulnerable hand. In a multi-pot against 3 weak players it was worth betting in the amount of a pot, and not just 1/2 of a pot. Good present to our rivals from us. A bet in half a pot gives an excellent opportunity to get their outs and receive payment from us.

In response to our half pot bet, the opponent raises x3. A check/raise in a multi-pot looks very strong and convincing. If you set the calling range pre-flop to an unknown opponent with SB, it was an almost impossible task (opening with a mini-raise and a potential multi-pot can provoke weak players to call with very weak hands), then the subsequent aggression allows you to make an approximate range:

If we assume that the opponent is ready to play with us on the stack, not only with a ready straight and set, but also with two pairs and slow-played overpairs, then we should play for all chips. It is another big mistake.
If we believe that there are exclusively prepared straights, then from this moment it makes sense to play our set as a full house draw. And so we just call his raise.


Nine of hearts on the turn does not affect the situation at all (on the flop we decided not to include in check-raise range draw hands), therefore the most logical and balanced decision (after the check from the opponent) is to make check behind. With the expectation that we either catch our full house and win the hand, or don’t catch and give up without investing anything extra chips. During the hand, we bet, the opponent goes All-In and we had no other options but to call for another 36.5 blinds. That was third bad solution in 1 hand

Versus the top range of Flopzilla, which we gave to our opponent, we have 22.7% equity, and according to potential chances of the bank, 25% is required for a profitable call (a little more, taking into account rake). Formally, the call is negative, but in reality, a weak opponent will play worst hands and our decision will immediately become a plus.


Naturally, as part of the analysis of one hand, it is difficult to fully show how to use Flopzilla. The material that we published a little earlier may be useful to you: a complete guide to Flopzilla. If we make conclusions about that hand, it is possible to identify several errors:

  1. On the flop in a multipot on a connected board, we had to bet much more than half the pot. Ideally - potbet.
  2. The check/raise in the multi-pot looks strong, but our hand is enough for a profitable game on the stack already on the flop. That’s why we should to go All-In.
  3. On the turn, if we give our opponent only top hands, it would be preferable to simply check and catch our full house.

Constant hand analysis in poker software and identifying errors will quickly make you a good player. Therefore, do not delay the purchase of Flopzilla, it will pay off in the shortest possible time!

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