DriveHUD will make you invincible!


Imagine how much easier it would be to win your opponents at the poker table, if we had comprehensive information about the hands that each opponent had in any hand? Huge potential for writing useful notes and improving hand reading skills while playing poker. It would be much easier to adapt your ranges to the peculiarities of your rivals. Unfortunately, we have access only to those hands where we reached the showdown. And this greatly limits our ability to work on the game and improve poker skills.
But, surprisingly, there are several poker rooms where you can legally recognize the starting hand of any player in each hand. Bodog\Bovada\Ignition Poker allow you to download hand history with all the players' cards at the table, 24 hours after the hand occurred. To effectively manage this interesting feature of poker rooms, you must have a poker tracker where the database will be loaded. This is where the Drive HUD poker program saves us. This analogue of Poker Tracker 4\Holdem Manager 2 has long supported the import of hands directly from Bodog\Bovada\Ignition poker, without the help of poker converters.

However, with the function of loading all the hands after 24 hours there were some difficulties. Part of the hands did not load, part of the hands "stuck together" with those hands that were imported directly during the sessions and became unreadable.
A few days ago, DriveHUD developers reported that the problem was resolved and accompanied the news with detailed instructions. Now all the hands of all players with all their pocket cards are available to you for analysis in DriveHUD filters.
DriveHUD - poker software for tracking statistics and outputting HUD during a gaming session. It has a number of distinctive features (colorful design, tilt indicator, built-in equity calculator, tool for the development of GTO skills), which form its bright personality.

DriveHUD has a free trial for 30 days. For just $ 5 per month, you will get powerful weapons against your opponents at the poker tables without limits on stakes and disciplines. From the second year of using DriveHUD it will cost you less than $ 1 per month. 83% discount - an unprecedented benefit! To all the listed benefits, we will also mention an additional one - in the form of Energy Points, which you receive for each purchase. Due to this, each next purchase will be even cheaper. Do not miss your chance and place your order right now!