The creators of Holdem Manager vs Partypoker


Partypoker is the #1 enemy of online poker and kills it. Such an unexpected conclusion was made by the developers of Holdem Manager 1, 2, 3 and many other poker programs. In the last week, everyone who has ever bought products from the creators of HM2 receives a newsletter. It redirects everyone to a site specially created to protect players. The main slogan of the portal: "Hand histories are for player protection".

The idea is substantiated by the following theses of the usefulness of hand history:

  1. Allows you to identify potential cheating or bots accounts and provide information to the security service of the poker room;
  2. It gives a chance to control the honesty and security of poker rooms (networks);
  3. Provides an effective opportunity to verify the integrity of software rooms and networks.

In addition to the arguments above, several quotes are given by one of the Partypoker executives, who claims to be 100% confident in eradicating any manifestations of cheating, bots, and collusion in the poker room. And quite strange words by Rob Young about the utility of losing bots to strong players. Indeed, if there are several excellent players in the poker room who can win vs bot, then the remaining thousands should silently suffer from the interesting logic of the Partypoker leadership (sarcasm!).

The usefulness of the history of the hands and actions of poker players in the fight against bots is difficult to overestimate. In April 2019, it was thanks to observant poker players that 38.5% of cheating users were identified from the total number of closed accounts on Partypoker.

If you look at the story, you can recall the scandal with UltimateBet\Absolute Poker, when several wary players were able to identify a fraudulent game due to the hand histories. As a result, the most expensive fraud ($ 20,000,000) in online poker history has been revealed. Justice triumphed, and dishonest poker rooms ceased to exist.

Hand history serves to protect all poker players, even those who do not use programs to track and analyze statistics. And to protect the rights of online players, the following exposure options are offered:

  • Notify other players about via tweets, blogs, and forum posts. This website shows the magnitude of the dangers of Partypoker actions for ordinary players, as well as the complete absence of any convincing arguments in support of deleting hand histories.
  • Notify Partypoker of your concern about the increased risk to game security and integrity resulting from the ban on hand histories.
  • Contact each of the following gaming commissions and express your concern about the Partypoker fairness risk arising from the elimination of hand histories: UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division.

  • Vote with your rake! Play only in rooms where players are given access to hand histories.

It is unfortunate that measures to unite the poker community to protect their rights are being taken so late. We believe in the best and carry out the necessary minimum of actions, which depends on each of us in the interests of protecting the future of our beloved game. It remains only to thank the developers of Holdem Manager 2 and hope that this is not the beginning of the advertising campaign for the sales of the new Holdem Manager 3.