Blowout and packages to the poker festival in Tallinn from RedStar Poker


Quite unexpectedly and without the slightest effort, the Russian-language RedStar Poker became the new flagship of the Microgaming Poker Network. In support of its high status, the star poker room decided to hold several additional promotions in May: the traditional Blowout freezeout tournament with a good guarantee, a rake race with tickets to the Cash Game Festival in Tallinn; we will mention in one line the usual monthly lottery with valuable prizes.


Without a doubt, the € 50,000 guarantee is far from the most impressive event in the world of online tournament poker. However, this poker tournament is in high demand among multi-table tournament fans for four reasons:

  • One of the lowest rakes in online poker;
  • Very weak field of players;
  • Frequent overlays in tournaments at RedStar Poker;
  • Free opportunity to compete for a big prize (freerolls are held daily with a prize in the form of a direct tournament ticket).

The entry fee for Blowout is 110 euros, and the tournament itself starts on May 26 at 19:30 Moscow time. In addition, there is an alternative option to take part in the competition without paying a single euro cent to the buy-in. If you are an extremely lucky person and the stars themselves volunteered to be your intercessors, then a grand piano of spades, collected from both pocket cards, will serve as a pass. You must have time to get into the top twenty of the owners of the best poker combination; otherwise you will have to be content with a screenshot with the nut hand and honors from the bros on the forum of the potentially best Russian-language portal about poker and poker programs - PokerEnergy.

Cash game festival

An unusual live event awaits all poker lovers in Tallinn in the summer: a cash festival will be held. We are all used to offline tournament series, but here all attention will be focused exclusively on cash tables. The start of the poker holiday is scheduled for June 12 and will last until the 16th.
The packages will be raffled off using weekly leaderboards for three weeks. Qualifying conditions:

  • Play at least 1000 hands in a week;
  • Hands must be played at NL10 and above;
  • Points are awarded depending on the number of big blinds won: this will equalize the chances of getting the coveted prize for players with NL100 and NL10;
  • The top 5 players with the highest score in the reporting week will become the winners.

Winning a package for the Cash Game Festival worth 1,500 euros. Those who are not lucky enough to find themselves in a positive round of variance at the right time should not despair either: they will be able to receive compensation from Fortune in a special freeroll, where an additional package for the festival from RedStar Poker and 1000 euros of the prize pool will be drawn. A small remark - the tournament is held in a push / fold format, therefore we recommend sacrificing a black goat in order to increase the chances of success.

To achieve regular success in tournament poker, we strongly recommend trying the Tournament Indicator poker software. It will help you identify a tilting opponent, show you the M number, and even calculate the pot odds. Extremely convenient functions, especially for bloody multi-tabling in MTT.

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