Become a UFC Boss with Pokerstars - a new promotion in sit-and-go


Pokerstars again holds a joint promotion with the UFC. Traditionally, a trip to a new event from the UFC is played out. Playing at special tables Sit-n-Knockout can immediately bring two prizes for the price of one: fully paid trips to Las Vegas and Anaheim for UFC tournaments. The package includes a visit to the weighting of fighters, payment for all flights and hotels, transfer. Under the terms of the package, you can take another person with you.

Stage One - Win a PokerStars Silver Chip

In total, no more than 20 silver chips will be played. Dates of the Pokerstars promotion are running out - everything will happen from July 12 to July 15. Gifts will fall for knocked-out opponents in the Sit-n-knockout of any limit. If the silver chip fell, then you move to the next stage of the competition for a double prize. In addition to the chance to fly in the US, you are entitled to a set of special gifts from your partner Pokerstars, represented by the UFC. It contains a Reebok UFC brand sweatshirt, fighting gloves and a copy of a champion's belt.

Stage Two - Chasing the Gold Chip

Here everything is somewhat more complicated and simpler at the same time. Easier - no need to play poker and compete for victory. More difficult - it is necessary to show creativity. It is shooting a video where you have to prove your creativity and originality, convincing a special jury that you deserve to become the boss of UFC. Instructions about the video will be sent to all owners of silver chips by e-mail. The deadlines are also extremely limited - you must have time before July 17. Only a person who has reached 25 years of age can win a package of gold chips. The results of the Pokerstars promotion and the UFC will be announced on July 26.

How to increase the chances of winning with StarsHelper?

It is necessary to immediately recognize that the chance to win a silver chip is not too high. Very little depends on the poker player here. The only way to slightly increase the chance of good luck is to play at multiple tables at the same time. Only with active multi-tabling at Sit-n-Knockout Pokerstars tables you will be able to knock out more opponents and get more prizes. Playing at multiple tables at the same time requires a lot of mental and physical costs. You will get tired faster and lose concentration. Is it possible to somehow improve your experience from multitabling?, - you can, if you adopt the StarsHelper poker program. The functions of this poker software are very diverse: convertation of stacks into big blinds, convenient location of tables on your monitor, setting up shortcuts. The free trial period of StarsHelper poker program is 30 days. Order StarsHelper right now, win a silver chip, record an interesting video and a ticket to two UFC events in the USA in your pocket!