Table Starter Cashback Promotion from Partypoker


Partypoker continues to systematically embody its plan to conquer the poker community. Global events, such as the cancellation of HUD and the forced change of nicknames by all users, have replaced global events that are not so dramatic and more pleasant. The promotion called “Table Starter Cashback” marks the beginning of a new month.

The essence of the promotion is extremely simple - for the game on incomplete tables (the number of players at the table does not exceed the number "3"), players earn double the cashback points. The goal is also quite transparent: encouraging players to start new tables and, as a result, an increase in the volume of games and traffic. In the sweetest terms, the Partypoker bonus offer can give a very significant profit increase for regular players. Diamond Club Elite, which gives 60% rakeback and 50% for Table Starter Cashback, looks very tempting together.

How to take part in the Table Starter Cashback?

Traditionally, all Partypoker players who wish to participate in the promotion must register manually with it:

  • Login to your account;
  • Enter the menu under the avatar of the player in the client's lobby;     
  • Go to the tab "Offers";     
  • Click on "Promotions";     
  • Select from the list "Table Starter Cashback" and activate.

Pitfalls Partypoker’s Promo

Some members of the poker community explicitly declare that the new Partypoker promotion will turn poker into a kind of race. All regular players will strive to get doubled rakeback, which means the Party client’s lobby will be filled with incomplete tables. In any case, Partypoker will remain in the black, as the game at short part-time tables is more active, which leads to an increase in the number of rake collected. On the other hand, not all regulars like to start new tables, and the remaining 2-3 places at an incomplete table are much more often occupied by recreational players.

If you want to receive the maximum reward due to the “Table Starter Cashback” promotion, then it will be vital for you to play several tables at the same time. Unfortunately, the generally accepted fact that the level of software of the poker client Partypoker leaves much to be desired. In comparison with competitors, playing at Partypoker’s tables is very uncomfortable. However, even here you can make the game much more convenient. Automation of many routine processes through the PartyCaption poker program will greatly simplify your life. Irritation from the outdated Partypoker software will subside. Pre-set bet sizes, neat placement of poker tables on your screen, translation of stacks into big blinds - all these functions will allow you to multi-tabli with unprecedented comfort. PartyCaption Poker software is absolutely free at limits up to NL10 inclusive. A trial period of 30 days is provided, allowing the program to be used at all limits without restrictions. Contact our man right now and do not miss the benefits of a very pleasant, but short-lived action from Partypoker.