$ 300,000 in two poker races at PokerOK


PokerOK and poker network Good Game continue to delight us with very profitable promotions. Again, the emphasis is on the rake race, which will be overwhelmed by all cash table regulars. All attention in August will be riveted to the tables of Rush & Cash and Omaha.

Drop Race $ 100,000

The first rake race will be dedicated to the Rush & Cash tables. GGNetwork is consistently promoting this poker format. The promotion will run from August 1 to August 31 and will receive $ 100,000 in prize money. The competition period will be divided into 4 weeks, in each of which the top 60 participants will be awarded cash prizes. Prize for the first six grinders:

The distribution of seats in the race is carried out on the basis of indirect rake - for every $ 0.01 Cash Drops you are entitled to one point. Cash Drops is the latest rakeback system for poker players, which PokerOK and GGNetwork have also adopted for a long time.

Omaha Summer Special $ 200,000

Do not forget GGNetwork and Omaha fans. For them will be held a separate rake race with even more impressive prize - $ 200,000. The period of the same - from 1 to 31 August. There will be no division into several time periods - the prize payments will be based on the outcome of the game throughout the month. Data on cash payments in the top 6:

The number of points depends on the limit played:

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