$25,000 and Habib tickets from Pokerstars


While the attention of the entire poker community is focused on the SCOOP-2019 tournament series, which is now in full swing, Pokerstars strives to respect cash players and even regular spin and go so that they do not get bored. In this affectionate quest, Pokerstars is extending the glove of help to their new partner in the UFC. Together, they give away cash prizes for the puzzles and packs they have collected for a free trip to Las Vegas for UFC-239.

UFC Stars Rewards

The next joint action of the leading brands in their industries involves collecting puzzles and receiving cash prizes for open rows of fragments or a whole picture. The promotion started at Pokerstars on May 20 and will last until June 9. To participate in it, you just need to register in the mission window and receive chests according to the Stars Rewards loyalty program. Each chest during the UFC Stars Rewards promotion will contain the usual prize size and an additional puzzle piece. The first chest provides for the presence of two pieces of the puzzle at once. The total prize money, depending on the filling of the row and the opened chest, looks like this:

Special pieces of the puzzle will drop out randomly. It is possible to move to the next row of the puzzle only after filling in the current one. Probability of getting a special fragment:

UFC Spin-n-Go and Sin City Trips

A separate tempting offer Pokerstars and the UFC have prepared for players of such a poker discipline as Spins. Participation in UFC Spin-n-Go tournaments for $ 10 can give you the opportunity to visit the martial arts tournament code number 239 (tickets for two) with a free flight and accommodation in the best hotel in Las Vegas.

The probability of getting a prize in these Spin & Go tournaments is:

For a faster collection of fragments (including special ones), we recommend that you acquire from Pokerstars handistory. Having a large amount of data about the opponents' play will give you a decisive advantage, simplify multi-tabling, avoid blunders and give you additional income by realizing your advantage in poker skills.

And if you have always wanted to visit Las Vegas for free and intend to make a trip at the expense of Pokerstars, then Sharkscope will be the best assistant. The service allows you to determine the level of play of your opponents in a matter of seconds, which can be of decisive importance in such transient tournaments as Spins.

A simple poker program with the self-explanatory name "ChangeMyHud" will allow you to maximize the mathematical expectation and reduce the time spent. As you might guess, the poker software is designed to automatically switch between different HUDs depending on the number of opponents at the table. No need to waste precious seconds or wait for an extra hand while the software itself for collecting and analyzing poker statistics realizes your need. At the $ 0.25 Spins limit, the poker program is available completely free of charge and you can use it in trial mode for 7 days at any existing Spin-n-go limit.