How to get $ 100,000 per blow to the face - new Pokerstars promotion


Until August 4, another joint UFC promotion with the laconic title “The Knockout” takes place at Pokerstars. Finally, they are playing not a regular trip to the tournament in the USA, but real cash prizes!

Basic Terms for the Knockout from Pokerstars

• Participation requires a separate registration in the client of PS;
• In each chest, except for the usual $ 0.5 or $ 0.25 Spin & Go tickets, you can also find a special UFC fight moves (or several at once);
• There are 5 levels or rounds;
• The transition from one round to another is carried out after gaining 10 points;
• For registration in the “Knockout” action you are immediately entitled to 4 points;
• With each level or round, the value of the prizes will increase;
• The total number of points earned and the number of rounds completed can be tracked in the same task window.
With luck, you can get a “Knockout” as a reward, which will immediately bring 10 points and go to the next round.
The entire list of techniques and the probability of their loss:

The lucky ones who survived all 5 rounds will receive the following awards from Pokerstars:

StarsHelper helps you knock out Pokerstars

New Pokerstars promotion is closely tied to the Stars Reward loyalty program and our favorite chests. Binding to the chests automatically means that the likelihood of winning in the promotion from Pokerstars increases with an increase in the total volume of the game. But we are interested in a balanced approach between success in the promotion and profitable play at the poker tables. A mindless increase in the number of hands or tournaments played will bring nothing but disappointment.

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