VIP-proposition ecoPayz

Profitable payment system with verification in 2 hours, cheap conversion and lifetime Gold status for players

  • Preferential VIP status
  • Cashback up to 1%
  • Account verification in 2 hours
  • Multi-currency account (45 currencies)
  • Deposit with Bitcoin too
The most favorable conditions for ecoPayz users from PokerEnergy & Vip Deposits

In usual registration

When registering through PokerEnergy & Vip Deposits

VIP statuses on favorable terms

Silver after verification

Gold status only after 25 000 EUR deposits

Gold status immediately after verification

VIP from 250 000 EUR

VIP from 10 000 EUR

Accelerated verification

up to 24 hours

maximum 2 hours


No cashback

0.6 - 1.0% of the amount of deposits made per month * from 1500 EUR

Tech support

in English, e-mail

in English, e-mail, Facebook




Withdraw to a bank account

5.90-10.00 EUR

5.90-10.00 EUR

2.90-7.00 EUR

Transfer to another account within the system (sender pays)

1.50% (min. 0.50 EUR)

No comission

No comission

Currency conversion within the system




PokerEnergy & Vip Deposits Cashback

No cashback

0,6 - 1,0%

0,6 - 1,0%

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