Terms and conditions of participation in the affiliate program.

This agreement is the terms and conditions of cooperation between the participants of the affiliate program (the Partner) and the online store for poker players Pokerenergy.ru (hereinafter referred to as Pokerenergy).

General rules

  1. Partner’s benefit is to recommend Pokerenergy to other people and receive rewards for it.
  2. The amount of commission is determined by the table, which is located on this page. All partners receive a notification email if we change something.
  3. Commissions are charged to that Partner, by the link of which the client was registered and this client made a purchase on the Pokerenergy.net website.

Rights and obligations of the parties

Pokerenergy must:

  1. Provide the Partner with a link that will identify him as bringing customers to the site. This link is in your personal account.
  2. Provide the Partner with graphic materials necessary for working with clients, such as: logo, banners, variants of advertising texts.
  3. Provide the Partner’s client with products from the shop in the form in which it is sold from the product's developer.
  4. To reward affiliate for each customer who followed an affiliate link, registered and made a purchase in the shop. Rewards are made according to the table of rewards.
  5. Advise the Partner on all matters relating to the work with our affiliate program.

Pokerenergy has the right to:

  1. Refuse the Affiliate to connect to the affiliate program without giving reasons.
  2. To change the affiliate commission for promotional items or discounted items.
  3. Change the terms of the affiliate program, after notifying the Partner.
  4. To retain the paid affiliate commission from the Partner, in case of revealing a purchase on his own affiliate link. If there is nothing to hold, then other actions are taken.

Partner must:

  1. Use the white methods of promoting Pokerenergy.
  2. It is prohibited to send spam in order to attract customers.
  3. It is forbidden to buy products through own affiliate link.

Partner has the right to:

  1. Use his own promotional materials to attract customers to Pokerenergy.
  2. To withdraw and spend the affiliate commission in accordance with paragraph «Commission reward» of this agreement.
  3. Contact Pokerenergy for help and questions.
  4. Offer Pokerenergy various options for cooperation, including promotions, companies, and offers.
  5. Change the price or offer cashback for the product as part of its partnership reward.

Commission rewards

  1. Partner’s commission is charged in the form of local currency Pokerenergy (hereinafter EN).
  2. The EN rate is always stable: 1EN = $ 1.
  3. EN accrual occurs after the status of the customer order is transferred to the status «Completed», «Delivered to email», «Subscription is issued».
  4. After the EN has been credited, the Partner can see them in his personal account on Pokerenergy.
  5. You can use EN in two ways:
    • Spend on a purchase in our shop. You can use EN partially. If you have 5 EN, and the product cost $16, then you can pay $11 and 5 EN.
    • After the accumulation of 50 EN you can withdraw from your account without any commission to any of the payment systems that are convenient for you, which are available to pay for products on our website.
  6. The commission is indefinite and cannot disappear or expire.