Why pirated software is dangerous for poker players?

Pirated software has become a serious problem lately. Users quickly realized that much easier, more convenient and less expensive to just download needed software, instead of spending their own money.

Now that poker programs have become common, many users surf  through the internet in search of free programs. But, in most cases, it's a waste of time and a serious threat to your computer and bankroll.

Even more poker software now works as a subscription. This software can't be hacked by definition. Other software may have some kind of license code.. Without this code you can't use it. But let's say you've managed to crack the program in any way to bypass the registration. Even in this case, you will not be able to use it for a long time. The reason is that all poker rooms software updating from time to time, and hence all the programs will also be updated. So all your efforts will be useless, and you will return to the previous problem.

Now let's talk about the real threats. First, it is extremely dangerous to simply search your desired torrent. While browsing some warez websites you can easily get a malicious programs that will install various scripts on your computer.

Surely you may have a friend who faced a similar problem, and if not, then just take a few minutes to search for similar topics on the poker forums - you'll find a lot of stories about how people have all their money stolen. Now lets think about it: to save about $ 50 or $ 100, you can lose tens of thousands of dollars. Even fish will easily recognize that the risking such sums for a few tens of dollars is completely illogical.

Finally, let's assume that you are lucky and you have not stolen anything. Despite this, you are still putting yourself at risk. Downloaded programs can contain trojans and other viruses that can not be detected, but will hurt your PC one way or another. We again emphasize that the risks in this case far outweigh the benefits. And if you do not have a reliable anti-virus protection, you are extremely vulnerable to such threats.

Finally, if you want to download pirated software for poker to save a few dollars, it is better to get rid of those thoughts. This is not only a waste of time, but also a serious risk that can not be compared with the benefits received. In the long term, the best solution is to purchase licensed software. This will provide ongoing support and you will never worry about safety of your bankroll.​