We noticed that a lot of buyers come to our shop for a recommendation. We are pleased taht when registering in the "where did you hear about us" field people write: from a friend. In gratitude, we have developed an affiliate program. Now, by inviting a friend, you can get a tangible benefit from it! At the same time, saying you we mean both you and your friend! Now we will clearly demonstrate to you how our affiliate program works.


 Your friend asks you where it is better to take the monthly
tournament subscription, such as SharkScope.


You give him your affiliate link to our shop, it is registered in your profile.


 A friend follows this link and registers. Now your friend’s account will be assigned to yours and you will receive lifetime points for every purchase your friend makes in our shop!


When you register, your friend immediately earns $1 as Energy Points (En) bonus points. Now he is satisfied and goes to buy a subscription. And for this and the following purchases, he earns bonus points, which he can use at any time for subsequent orders!


 And you also receive Energy Points for the fact that your friend bought a subscription. You can accumulate bonuses and withdraw* in a way that is convenient for you, or you can use to pay for future orders. There are no restrictions!

* Minimum withdrawal amount - $50

If you have the opportunity to invite not only friends, but, for example, you own any visited poker site or Internet resource, you can put your affiliate link on it. Then people will come from you, register, make purchases, and you will receive bonuses in real money.

We also draw your attention to the fact that different products have different amounts of Energy Points, which are charged to the partner and the buyer. Here you can find information about charging En which are accrued to partners for the purchase of the client affiliate by them.

By taking part in our affiliate program you are automatically agreed with the Terms and Conditions of participation in the affiliate program.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions about both the affiliate program and the loyalty program. Just contact us by any of the following convenient ways: SkypePokerenergyTelegram, or email