Crazy Rake Races for $ 400,000 from GGNetwork


GGNetwork is one of the top positive newsmakers of the poker world and competes with established PR and promotions leaders from Partypoker. And in terms of the number of players at cash tables, the Asian network completely left Partypoker far behind. Moreover, GGNetwork cannot prohibit poker programs. For, to paraphrase the famous TV series: "What is forbidden cannot be banned." The network was initially opposed to the use of auxiliary poker software, so the players could not feel deprived of an important tool, due to its absence from the very beginning.
Traditionally, in June, there will be two promotions aimed at cash game players: "Gold Hunt" and "Omaha Festival".

Gold hunt

The total prize fund of the Golden Hunt will be $ 300,000 trump. The promotion itself is dedicated to the fast poker Rush & Cash and you will need to grind the Zoom tables to participate. That is, Rush. That is, Blitz. Well, you get the idea. This time, it was decided not to divide the leaderboard by limits, but to hold a common global race. An impressive $ 15,000 awaits the winner for first place. A total of 800 prizes have been allocated. The number of points depends on the limit you are playing (a multiplier is provided):

Points are awarded to the leaderboard according to an intricate scheme:

  • 1 point for each hand played;
  • 1 point for each view of the flop;
  • 3 points are won by the distribution at the golden table (assumes the new Cash Drops rakeback distribution system).

In the last week of June and the race, the points awarded to players will be doubled.
The top ten prize money "$ 300,000 Gold Hunt" looks like this:

Omaha Festival

A rather rare promotion will also be held for Omaha fans. GGNetwork has prepared $ 100,000 for them. There will be no global rake race, but a division of the prize pool between 4 divisions, depending on the limits played. This will allow to claim prizes not only for the regulars of the sky-high limits, but also for the average micro-limiter. You can take part in several leaderboards at once.
Top 10 of all leaderboards in one picture:

Despite the inability to use poker programs for collecting and analyzing statistics or other auxiliary tools at the GGNetwork tables, playing on the Asian network can be very profitable. Firstly, without tracking software, the population of regular players will be much smaller, and the percentage of fish at the tables is disproportionately higher. Secondly, the level of play of those regs that do exist is much lower than their counterparts at Pokerstars or 888poker. Thirdly, a significant rakeback figure, helping to reduce the impact of variance on our bankroll.

However, we should never forget about the need to constantly develop and improve our poker skills. One of the best solutions in this situation is PokerSnowie. This poker software will allow you to improve your skills at the tables against a variety of opponents. This is implemented as an XA game against a poker bot. You can simulate a problematic situation, play it, and then the program will show you a specific error and demonstrate the correct version of the rally. It is possible to set a specific list of situations that allows you to hone the game, for example, on the button against early positions. Undoubtedly, it is PokerSnowie that is the best solution for players who cannot make out their hands in their poker tracker, but want to move forward every day.

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