Will TigerGaming be ban for software?


One of the poker rooms Chico Poker Network, represented by TigerGaming, began to actively send letters to users, whose content boils down to a polite parting word about the inadmissibility of using auxiliary programs in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

It is logical to assume that we are talking about really unpleasan

t things, like bots or prompts (or, about sacrilege, not turned off before the launch of the Flopzilla client!) And you can even welcome anti-fraud activities. The problem is the following - the players who have received "letters of happiness" claim that they have used only permitted software in the form of converters, trackers and third-party layouts. And this is a significant alarming factor for such mailing. Let's consider several of the most logical explanations for the actions of the security and technical support of Tiger Poker.


The Chico network is indeed planning to ban the use of any poker ancillary software. In recent years, poker rooms have already taught us to such outcomes and you begin to take them for granted. Classic examples of such solutions are Unibet, Microgaming Poker Network and, in the not too distant future, Partypoker. Therefore, the prohibition from the next not the largest poker network of auxiliary software and trackers fits into the general trend (and the stream too). An interesting conclusion suggests itself if you look at the current traffic figures and the position of poker rooms and networks in the general table of ranks:

I found myself between two networks without the right to use the HUD - soon it will cover you, be ready!
The struggle for life (in this case, read the word “life” as “stack”) of a recreational player and his survival is gaining momentum and an increasing number of rooms decide to resort to such radical measures that cause an understandable rejection among professional players. The problem with the Chico network and the Tiger poker room is the following: an abnormally high number of players playing with the same statistics, never tilting and maintaining a certain equal timing when making decisions at the tables. Such players are laconically called "bots". It's 2019: high technologies are getting higher, and bots are getting better, therefore, they are represented, to one degree or another, in almost every poker room. This is a commonplace situation for online poker. However, unlike the same party poker and Pokerstars (actively fighting with scammers and issuing bans), the security service of Tiger poker often ignores suspicious play and reasonable doubts of players about the honesty of opponents. And with the disappearance of the HUD, this minor opportunity to make dishonest players answer for everything will disappear.

Unbridled optimistic

Writing out warnings and threatening with bans before the room announces its decision is a rather strange approach. Judging and punishing for violation of non-existent laws in any legal system looks even more absurd. Therefore, there is always hope for a human factor or a software failure, leading to the receipt of incorrect information for the security service of Tiger Gaming and further "faulty phone" along the entire chain. There is still hope for the inattention of the players and the included Flopzilla, but the probability of this is vanishingly small.


Players grinding at TigerGaming or other poker rooms on the Chico Poker Network can only be advised to contact technical support or security to clarify the situation. It is advisable to play with the auxiliary software turned off or temporarily play in other poker rooms until a specific, clear and unambiguous answer is received.

We are patient and hope for the best.