V softe PokerStars udalyat vkladki


Recently, PokerStars made a change - removed the "fold" button from the poker client in cases where there was no action in front of the player, and left only the check and bet options. This decision was not so controversial, although not everyone liked it.

Those who supported the innovation realized that it helped new users avoid making mistakes like dropping a hand that can be played for free. Those who opposed felt that they should have the option to fold to speed up the game, and beginners should be allowed to make mistakes.

What do they say on 2 + 2?

Perhaps more controversial is the announcement by PokerStars on the 2 + 2 forum that most of the tabs are being removed from the poker client. When it was updated, they introduced filters that appear by default. However, those who prefer to use tabs could do so.

Community Manager Keith announced, “We will be making changes to the desktop clients (PC and Mac) shortly. We're removing the traditional Tabs look for the cache, Zoom, SNG and All Games lobby sections to bring everyone into the multi-faceted Filters look. ”

The main tabs for Cash, Zoom, SNG, Knockouts, Beat the Clock, Tournaments and Events will remain. However, there will no longer be additional tabs at the bottom and players will have to use filters to find something.

Keith added: “We understand that many players are comfortable with the Tabs view and that decision was not easy. We have maintained the tabbed system for several years after the introduction of PokerStars 7. However, based on the percentage of people using it and future development plans, this simplification will allow us to continually improve the software. We will be able to develop features in a streamlined way that will improve your overall poker experience. ”

Probably a lot of players are using the default filter version. Some people find tabs to be much easier to use.

Also, the assumption that it will help further develop and improve the overall poker experience does not seem like a valid reason. This sounds like another PokerStars end of support program, which makes sense for a lot of players. Probably, the room needs to cut staff in order to serve only one version.

The claim that deleting something will make the overall experience of the game more enjoyable seems strange. It would make more sense for the administration to say that it is not profitable for it to support several species. Removing what many players prefer doesn't improve their overall experience in any way.

Rest assured that those using tabs will get used to filters. At the very least, PokerStars issued a warning, and did not surprise users.

Based on materials from Pokersoftware.com