Triton Poker - poker with a short deck continues to win recognition


A few days ago, a remarkable offline series with the flavor of amphibians and frog legs - the Triton Poker Series in Jeju (somewhere on the inside of the Chinese wall) - ended. The poker tournaments in China are characterized by incredibly fat prize pools, which favorably distinguish events held in Asia from the much more frequent and significantly flimsy European poker series. For example, the prize money for the winner - Timothy Adams - was $ 3,540,000 and this is the second prize pool in 2019.

A total of 7 tournaments were held. The Main Event final table results are as follows:

  1. Timothy Adams $ 3,540,000
  2. Bryn Kenny (finally Cartman will stop sneering about the low income of the Kenny family) $ 3,060,000
  3. Dan Smith $ 1,700,000
  4. Peter Jetten $ 1,300,000
  5. David Peters $ 1,040,000
  6. Ike Hexton (Kenny and Ike's participation in the same tournament stimulates suspicions that they did not play poker in China at all, but in South Park) $ 803,000

Short decks are gaining popularity

An interesting phenomenon is the fact that 4 out of 7 poker tournaments were held with short decks (they contain 36 cards instead of the traditional 52). Taking into account the recent appearance of short decks on Pokerstars in the form of Holdem 6+ cash tables (albeit hanging a little in the air due to the planned testing of the new discipline Split Omaha), their long existence on Ipoker, the availability of play on PokerKing (Winning network) and the increasing demand in live tournaments, one can rightly expect further growth in popularity and a new surge of interest in this dynamic discipline.

And for poker rooms, the game is potentially very interesting, since the variance in it is higher and the density of the action is also higher. More rake, fewer cashouts, add chests, mix thoroughly and voila - the cash game of Pokerstars management's dream is ready. If you decide to try Holdem 6+ on yourself, then remember that the rules of precedence of combinations on Pokerstars and the same Aipoker in 6 + Holdem are slightly different. Carefully study the rules on the Pokerstars or Ipoker website before you sit down at the tables. To play a new discipline, knowledge of the rules is already 50% of success. Almost Sun Tzu "The Art of War" (we pay homage to the poker series in China with fictional quotes from a Chinese military theorist - everything is logical).

Overall results of the tournament

List of all winners and their prize money:

Briefly note:

  • Another success of Timofei "Speak the Truth" Kuznetsov, this time earning $ 1,780,000;
  • Jason Kuhn has pulled 2 out of 4 Holdem 6+ tournaments and his total prize money in this discipline is a record $ 7,512,977. A little more and they will pass for $ 7,513,000. Who knows, it is possible that right in these seconds he is grinding the nl4 tables at Ipoker and is dreaming of taking this incredible bar;

It was recently announced that the next Triton Poker Series will feature the largest buy-in tournament ever. Whether the number of the entrance fee will be $ 1,000,001 (write your bold guesses about the value of the current record in the comments under the news, we will finally add interactivity) or a little more - we will see very soon. In May. In Montenegro.