Spring seduction from Ipoker, Chico and Red Star poker


Since it is already the middle of the third month from the beginning of the year outside the window, and the New Year's promises, including plans to enslave the Universe or, at least, remove Pokerstars from its fucking perch (nothing personal, just quoting Sir Alex Ferguson for the beauty of the syllable) is not an empty phrase for leaders and employees of poker networks and rooms. This time our all-seeing eye Sauron was drawn to the shares of Ipoker, Chico and Red Star (although the latter, as part of the Microgaming network, have recently appeared in the news in connection with exclusive rake races for grinders and the upcoming UCOP championship).


Ipoker is hosting the Broadway Showdown in March, which is a set of missions that will give you the right to spin a special bonus wheel. As a result of the spin, the winners will be awarded valuable gifts in the form of tournament tickets and cash prizes up to 1000 € in small, unmarked banknotes. Here the most astute poker players will begin to poke around in their minds and remember that there is one room where a similar wheel rotates like a dynamo machine in winter and summer, and endless spins end in 99% of cases with life-giving tickets to some All-in freeroll (for perfectionists I'll clarify - the remaining 1% accounts for the remaining 9 options for prizes, but, as a rule, a cross falls out, symbolizing that you are in a good mood today and even a ticket will not be destined to get hold of).

However, the Ipoker network may not go the expensive 888 Poker and, at least occasionally, will please the participants of the action. The essence of the missions boils down to two actions: to reach the showdown in the cache with a certain hand, or to win 2-3 twisters in a row. Promotion conditions vary depending on the specific Ipoker room. Remember that to participate in missions, you will need to make volitional efforts and enable them manually in the IPoker client.

Chico Poker Network

Marketers from the Chico poker network decided not to get too worn out and get creative with the terms of the promotion, elegantly borrowing the idea of ​​Party Poker and showing the poker world another variation of Jackpot Sit 'n Go spins.

The maximum prize for the winner at the $ 30 limit promises $ 150,000. Slightly more modest than PartyPoker or Pokerstars, but still more than the average salary in Voronezh McDonald's (even taking into account the loyalty bonus of a hall employee).
And if you want to show the maximum amount of skill when playing poker on Chico, then Flip Sit 'n Go is prepared for you. For those who are not familiar with this wonderful format, let us explain that every hand all players at the table go all-in. Automatically. Not discipline, but a dream. But you can win from 1.5 to 1000 buy-ins.

Red star poker

Microgaming and Red Star decided to combine the ingenuity of Chico's marketers and the approach of Ipoker's management, so they also offer players to complete a number of missions.

A nice difference is the guaranteed cash prizes, not the beckoning reels. There are 3 weekly missions with prizes of € 20 and two global missions that promise 5 times more. However, the qualification requirements here are more complicated than those of Ipoker. Playing 1000 local spins with € 20 buy-in is not the same as winning two Twisters for $ 1. Here Spin HUD is needed!

There is also a traditional lottery in Red Star. By the way, it is almost the only poker room of the Microgaming network that conducts lotteries. That is, one of the few rooms focused on Russian poker players, in which Microgaming prefers to distribute bonuses using a lottery. Microgaming, there is some sacred meaning hidden in it !? Up to five tickets are given per day:

  • for a deposit, for 250 cash hands;
  • for bets in the casino (you need to bet $ 100 for the cherished ticket);
  • for sports bets ($ 5 per event with odds of 1.5 and higher);
  • 1 more ticket is given for activity on social networks.

However, judging by the screenshot above, the son of my mother’s friend was in advance of everyone else and it’s better to play at the Ipoker rooms. There you are guaranteed to play the drum.