Win up to $ 8,000 every day at Spin&Go at Pokerstars


Pokerstars continues to confidently promote its favorite poker format to the masses. The next action with the talking name "Spin&Go 10" on the eve started on Starz. The conditions for participation in it are quite simple: you need to play 10 spins of one limit and you will automatically fall into the list of lucky applicants for victory. Places in the daily ranking are allocated based on the points scored. The number of points depends on the outcome of the tournament (whether you won or not and the multiplier. Odds and points in the table below:

It is strange that the second place brings as many points as the third, because to stay in one-on-one games in Spin&Go requires remarkable endurance and a high level of poker skill (irony!).
And if you want to increase the benefits of the Pokerstars promotion, there is one more pleasant condition: in a day you can play 10 tournaments of spin-n-go at each crediting limit. In theory, there is a possibility that 1 person can take first places in all leaderboards at the same time.

Get $ 1850 for 40 Spin-n-go tournaments - a good result in a couple of hours of playing poker.
An extra bonus for Spin&Go 10 is the $ 10,000 Sunday Freeroll. We played 10 tournaments of spin-and-go during the week - we received the treasured ticket.
Spin & Go Max and specialized UFC tournaments do not qualify for Spin&Go 10. Hurry up to bite off some of the cake from Pokerstars by August 18th.

StarsCaption is a faithful assistant in Spin & Go and not only

The Spin&Go discipline format is extremely dynamic - tournaments rarely last more than 10 minutes. And therefore, to get the maximum number of points in 10 tournaments is an incredibly difficult task. It is necessary to maintain maximum concentration and not waste mental resources on secondary processes.

The StarsCaption poker program will help to cope with them. It allows you to conveniently place game tables on your screen, transfers stacks to the big blinds, automates the setting of bet sizes. For just $ 2 a month, you'll get incredibly useful poker software that puts you higher than most competitors. Another advantage of StarsCaption is that it is free at limits up to NL10 and in tournaments for $ 3 inclusive. And the trial version even allows you to use the entire arsenal of the program for free without restrictions on limits for 30 days.

P.S. Each purchase at PokerEnergy makes your future purchases even more profitable with Energy Points, which you can spend at your discretion in the future.