Equalizing on the best - how Pokerstars become 888Poker


Pokerstars has perfectly understood the main dogma of the Jedi teaching: good and evil must be in balance. Translated into poker language, this means that along with the always good news about the record tournament series, much more sad news came: the European Pokerstars pool began testing another restriction for regular players. This time we are talking about a fixed number of tables played. Players will not be able to open more than 6 cash tables per session on Pokerstars at the same time.

What is the purpose of reducing the number of tables?

As before, at the forefront is the all-consuming task that justifies any ambiguous or simply discriminatory measures - improving the poker ecology inside the room. Evil regulars win money and withdraw it, but you really want them to either win less, or do nothing at all, grinding their bankroll into rake. The fish are flooded with the speed of elite supernovae and there is no longer any urge to endure it. The Starzov management could not exactly withstand such an insult and decided to start saving the indigenous inhabitants of reservoirs and other rivers. Professional poker players will no longer be able to open 9+ tables and methodically withdraw money from socially unprotected segments of the population of the Pokerstars pool.


Another exodus of low-plus regulars-multi-lancers in search of a new life. Some players will simply quit poker. The insignificant part will suddenly realize, if they have not yet realized that it makes sense to move up the limits and improve the game. The most patient with the software will switch to multi-tabling in several rooms at the same time. Now, instead of one StarsCaption \ StarsHelper, players will have to acquire a PartyCaption \ 888Caption. An alternative option is to purchase a poker program such as Table Ninja 2, which makes it possible to customize the layout of tables from several of the largest rooms without overly complicated manipulations.

What's next?
According to the traditional methodology, which we conditionally call the "Guide to Rescue Recreational Players", the following will follow the persecution of poker software that collects and analyzes hand histories (Holdem Manager 3, Poker Tracker 4, Hand2Note). Some of the functionality of the latter has already been sent under the knife due to the inconsistency with the new Pokerstars security policy. It is possible that the select as such will be abolished and it will be possible to select only the desired limit in the lobby, and there the client himself will sit you at the first available free seat at the table being played. An increase in rake in cash games cannot be ruled out. If you go along the 888Poker path, then why artificially limit yourself to half measures?