PT4 news


Good news for all PokerTracker 4 users. As one of the leaders in poker tracking and data analysis software, PokerTracker 4 is faster than ever thanks to improved database caching. All this is contained in version 4.11, which was released on Monday.

PokerTracker 4 was pretty fast before this major optimization, but now all reports and graphs will be generated faster than ever. In particular, the most optimized reports or graphs are used for user statistics.

The improvement in post-game review speed is significant enough, but the maximum benefit from this improvement can be derived from the improved HUD speed when populating statistics.

The speed of the HUD is important for users, because, unlike the learning process, the time for making decisions is usually limited. The faster the HUD works, the more tables you can play effectively at once and the more money you can make in an hour.

Stats caching improves speed through calculations that must be done on the fly. For example, preflop 3-bet statistics are calculated much faster by using data caching instead of calculating these statistics on the fly. The preflop 3-bet statistic shows how often a player 3-bets, calculating the number of this player's 3-bets - "cnt_p_3bet" in relation to the number of times that player had the opportunity to 3-bet "cnt_p_3bet_opp". "Cnt_p_3bet" and "cnt_p_3bet_opp" are columns from the database table that can be used to calculate statistics for 3-bets and other data.

Since "cnt_p_3bet" and "cnt_p_3bet_opp" are cached in your database, PokerTracker can quickly use these columns to populate any report, graph, and HUD much faster than calculating two separate items on the fly.

In this example, you can see the benefits of cached statistics, especially for counting things that require many statistics or columns of data.

Almost all statistics in PokerTracker 4 are cached

For the first time, most of the user statistics can be cached in version 4.11. Naturally, there are some exceptions regarding time-bound statistics, since in real time information does not need to be cached. In addition, some statistics based on tournaments such as ROI and ITM are not cached as they are not based on the poker hands themselves; only statistics based on poker hands are populated in the database cache.

Custom statistics can also be cached, as long as the columns that the statistics use are also cached. This means that players using the popular premium HUDs will receive a huge improvement in the speed of their dynamic HUD support.

PokerTracker 4 already makes it easy to create new statistics. But now, most of the new statistics will be calculated much faster, even if you do them yourself. Statistics are built using the "Columns" page in the "Statistics Configuration" software window.

Programmers and creators of HUDs will be glad that when creating custom statistics, the database will not recalculate everything again and again during updates, because it uses a cached column. Now the cache solves all these problems.

PokerTracker 4 makes it easy to create new columns and cache them by clicking on the box labeled “Cash” before saving.

These new improvements are significant for ordinary users, since more efficient third-party HUDs will become available to them. PokerTracker also aims to develop tools for third-party developers to build a secure ecosystem. We're just starting to feel these effects, but PokerTracker staff promises that there will be many more available add-ons available before the end of the year that will benefit from these new caching enhancements, allowing for fast on-demand reports for HUD.

So if speed is what you need, download the new version of PokerTracker 4 today to improve your HUD and database.