Current results of the Pokerstars SCOOP-2019 and Partypoker KO Series-2019


The two largest tournament series have crossed their equator and it's time to take a closer look at the victors. SCOOP-2019 at Pokerstars and Partypoker's KO Series offered MTT grinders an unprecedented $ 105,000,000 in guaranteed prize pool. The battle for space rewards started on May 12, but the main events of both tournament series are still ahead.

Not a day without a million at SCOOP-2019

Pokerstars still confidently keep the brand of the top poker room and hold at least one tournament every day with a $ 1,000,000 guarantee. And on May 19, MTT grinders had a place to roam: 3 tournaments at once had an impressive seven-figure number next to the name. Tournament results and nicknames of the lucky ones are attached:

Noteworthy is the Brazilian carnival at the final table, where as many as 4 representatives of the Latin American country suddenly appeared. Including the winner pabritz, who took over $ 218,000. It seems that the advertising contract with the football star - Neymar, has borne tangible results. True, it is unlikely that Pokerstars sought to attract top regulars from Brazil, and not recreational players, but this is the ecology. Unpredictable.

The winner of another Saturday tournament from the Netherlands with the nickname BillLewinsky lost a little in terms of prize money to the Latin American. But the name of William is known all over the world. Unlike a favela resident from the suburb of Rio de Janeiro.

The biggest one turned out to be with a player from Russia. We are talking about the size of the win, of course. Hommage to the classic work of Hasek only adds respect to the Russian poker player. The aforementioned Brazilian pabritz can also be proud of himself - here he also made a mark, even if he did not manage to catch on to the final table. It is possible that this will help him to get into the final leaderboard from Pokerstars, which promises the winner $ 25,000 and a valuable trophy.

The density and density of Pokerstars tournaments are very conducive to serious multi-tabling. It is especially difficult to keep track of everything and make informed decisions on weekends, when the number of events simply exceeds all reasonable limits. In order not to waste time in vain and always leave time for yourself to think about your actions, we strongly recommend trying StarsHelper or StarsCaption. Naturally, they will not think for you, but they will allow you to significantly less diffuse attention and be distracted by small but significant details, such as the location of the tables or the size of the bets.

KO Series - Partypoker Uppercut

Despite the fact that the size of the total prize pool of the Partypoker tournament series is more than two times lower than its competitors from Pokerstars, a significant number of players preferred the KO Series. A less varied format, economy on rake (zero rake for half the buy-in, which forms the price per player's head), a weaker field are convincing arguments for a decent part of the poker audience.

The first millionaire tournament was held on the starting day of the KO Series. The player with the nickname "onehundredeyes" from Austria fell slightly short of his name becoming a speaking one. Literally one knockout from six-figure prize money stopped.

It is impossible to pass by the results of another millionth tournament due to the success of the Brazilian legion. Once again, the four finalists represented the Homeland of Pele, the Clone TV series and the world's sugarcane export leaders.

A careful study of the list of participants in all 3 tournaments makes it clear why Romelu Lukaku does not show the proper bombing dexterity in the game for Manchester United. It is not surprising, it is difficult to skate expensive tournaments at night, and then, as if nothing had happened, continue to delight the audience of Old Trafford

A characteristic difference between KO Series at Partypoker and SCOOP from Pokerstars is the division into phases for the latter and the game to the bitter end for the former. The format of two game days allows players to show a more decent level of play in the final stage, avoiding stupid decisions made due to accumulated fatigue. However, since Partypoker does not provide such an opportunity for its players, then a necessary condition for survival and overcoming the tournament becomes energy saving for the final stage of the tournament. This implies focusing solely on the things of significance and ignoring the insignificant elements. The best way not to get distracted by the little things every hand is to use PartyCaption.

And if you are a notorious top regular, rolling tournaments in parallel to both Pokerstars and Partypoker, then the only decent way out of the situation is to adopt Table Ninja 2. This will allow you to play comfortably at several tables of such different poker rooms without any visible discomfort.