Pokerstars Strikes Back: Spin-n-go tournaments with a $3,000,000 jackpot


The beginning of the story

Three weeks ago Party Poker announced the introduction of new $ 50 Spins with an all-time prize pool for the winner of $ 2,000,000. At the time, that was the biggest number for an online poker winner. Coupled with the news about solid rakeback for grinders, parallel tournaments for striking regulars with PS, Party Poker began to actively win the audience award in the eyes of poker players.

Continuation of a story

The clarification about "at that time" turned out to be extremely appropriate, since in one controversial office they scratched their turnips, sat with a calculator in the sauna (naturally, lighting up Cuban cigars from $ 100 bills and with obligatory slutty girls on their knees. Slogan: "New loyalty program from Pokerstars - chests for you, money for us! ”) And came to an incredibly generous decision - to show us new spin and go tournaments in the Pokerstars lobby for $ 40 with a prize of $ 3,000,000 to the winner!

Okay, if we reduce the sarcasm a little, then we are witnessing a very interesting picture where an ambitious challenger in the person of Partypoker entered a risky battle with the industry monopoly Pokerstars. The best thing about this situation is that, for once, the poker players will win. Yes, those few lucky ones who will take the jackpot and the remaining two players who are a little less fortunate, but still quite significant. We stock up on popcorn and wait for the next step from Party Poker.

Looking forward to a knockout from PartyPoker?

Suppose that in the next few months the status quo will remain and we will not see Spins with $ 4,000,000 to the winner, but in the summer we can expect a new round of competition. It cannot be ruled out that Party Poker's response will be asymmetrical and the management will simply decide to increase the prize pool to the winner of an online tournament to $ 3,000,001. The previous record for the largest online prize, by the way, belonged to the Online MILLIONS tournament (the caps are entirely justified here) from Party Poker. Then the winner in the person of Manuel Ruivo metaphorically took away $ 2,329,944.

While the lords are fighting, the slaves will have more money

It remains to be sincerely hoped that the almost simultaneous appearance of record spin and go at Pokerstars and Party Poker will lead to increased competition, drive progress for the industry and lead, if not to a new poker boom, then improve the offered conditions on the part of poker rooms (let's whisper together in front of the mirror three times: “canceling chests at Pokerstars” and, what the hell is not kidding, will return rakeback, albeit not as tasty as previously or now offered at Party Poker) and will lead to a gradual increase in the attractiveness of loyalty programs, primarily for regular players ...