Pokerstars combines limits and prepares UFC Series


Instead of NL400 and NL600, NL500 will appear

From today, the tables of the limits NL400 and NL600 are officially removed from the Pokerstars lobby. They are replaced by the averaged version in the form of NL500. A multi-month and thorough study of the features of the game on endangered limits made it possible to state that the same players played at the tables of both limits. To speed up the game, activate the action and reduce the load on the servers, it was decided to introduce the NL500 at regular tables 6-max. In the zoom limit NL500 appeared a few years ago.

If you are experiencing discomfort due to a change of limits and cannot adjust the size of the bets and 3-bets, then we strongly recommend that you try the StarsCaption poker program. It translates a stack of any limit into the big blinds, allows you to enable the built-in HUD, set automatic bet sizes and conveniently arrange the tables. The poker program is free at limits up to NL10 inclusive and tournaments up to $ 3.

UFC tickets in Spin-n-go

Pokerstars gradually gets into the habit of handing out tickets to UFC tournaments. Last month, played out tickets for UFC 240 in Las Vegas. June 9 was the final day of distribution of tickets to the “Sin City”. And already on June 10, they hand out UFC 241 tickets to California. The promotion will be held PokerStars until July 19 inclusive.

To get a ticket you need to play in the Spins for $ 10. The standard package of the winner is economy class tickets in both directions, 3 days in a luxury hotel, tickets to the UFC tournament in Anaheim, which will be held on August 17. Chance to drag the top prize:

As can be seen from the table above, getting to California is not an easy task. Most likely, it is necessary to sweat a little and nag. To maximize your chances of winning tickets, you can use a simple poker program - ChangeMyHud. She instantly switches your HUD after a third opponent is eliminated. You no longer need to do it manually or wait until your tracker decides to do it yourself. There is a free version for 7 days for testing.

UFC KO Poker Series

Continuing the theme of cooperation between Pokerstars and the UFC, we mention the announcement of the tournament series. About it so far little is known. Starts on June 23, all tournaments will be held in the format of progressive knockout. Suppose that the guarantee will be more than that of the KO Series from Partypoker, that is, it will exceed $ 30,000,000. The beneficial effects of healthy competition.

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