Pokerstars - Spin-n-go for 2 million, Crusher Sunday Million


Pokerstars, the locomotive of the poker industry, was very impressed by the fact that partypoker was ahead of them a few weeks ago and offered the largest cash prize in 2019 for winning a tournament (Spins format). Pokerstars responded with the establishment of Spin & Go tournaments with a cosmic figure for a win of $ 3,000,000. But Stars don't stop there either!

Another highlight was the presence of the same player on the first step of the Sunday Million podium twice during the month. There were also news occasions with a "-" sign: a representative of the Pokerstars team and just a famous comedy actor - Kevin Hart - officially announced a complete refusal to visit Las Vegas and participate in card battles.

Spin-n-go UFC: Fight or Die!

A few weeks ago, we already talked about the signing of a contract between Pokerstars and the UFC.

Then it was assumed that this cooperation would result in the establishment of Pokerstars of modified spin and go tournaments - the number of participants would increase to 4 people and each head would have a reward. Another option was simply replacing the traditional layout for Spins with a stylized hexagon (it is in the arenas of this shape that the UFC martial arts tournaments are held). It turned out that Pokerstars chose something in between: no radical changes have taken place, but this cannot be called cosmetic measures either. Pokerstars has introduced $ 5 buy-in Spins, allowing you to claim $ 2,000,000. Not a bad price to pay for the opportunity to become a millionaire in minutes! The second and third places will each receive $ 100,000.

Lucky_Jew_17 dragged Sunday Million twice in a month

The level of variance in tournament poker has long been the talk of the town for everyone interested in poker. It's no secret that even with a high level of skill and tight grind, you can spend months not reaching the final stages and playing in the red. The more significant and cool is the situation when the same player manages to take first place in such a massive tournament as the Sunday Million in a month.

It was with this unique achievement that the Russian poker player Lucky_Jew_17 was noted, impressed by the stability of neutral observers and aroused the envy of regular competitors from Pokerstars. This time, first place earned him $ 114,000. Although, for sure, Lucky_Jew_17 would have preferred to win the previous Sunday Million.

Let us remind you that it was a jubilee one and the winner took away more than 600 thousand dollars in prize money. However, no one will forbid the two-time winner of the Sunday Million to become a seven-time winner and, thereby, recover the compensation due from Pokerstars by legal means.

Kevin Hart decided to quit Vegas

The representative of the Pokerstars team noted a resonant statement about his unwillingness to visit the "city of sin" and play poker anymore.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Such a popularization and promotion to the masses of poker from the side of the media person, what can I say. The reasoning behind the refusal of gambling in Las Vegas is as follows: Kevin pours a lot there and, figuratively speaking, in every casino where he played, the most expensive furniture and decorations were bought precisely due to his losses. Curiously, Hart was losing this money at blackjack. Probably assumed that he was playing with his co-star in the movie "Jumanji 2" Jack Black. Confusion is really quite simple.

It is rumored that the actor made this masculine and strong-willed decision under the strict guidance of his wife. The reaction of Pokerstars management is unknown. Probably clap their hands, being in euphoria. But they will definitely clap if Kevin Hart's wife comes to them.

And if you don't want to be like Kevin Hart, then follow our recommendations:

  • Don't play blackjack!
  • Work out your preflop ranges and patterns for the most common postflop situations with the Power-Equilab poker calculator;
  • Bring the count of outs, pot odds, and hand equity to automatism. The best helper for this is Ace Poker Drills;
  • Check out Harrington's foundational book On Online Cash Games for a kick-start on online poker from one of the most respected poker authors, Dan Harrington;
  • Make some really funny comedies.