Digest of news of poker software and services of the 4th quarter of 2016


The last quarter of 2016 was rich in new poker software releases. DriveHUD, PokrHUD and NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 Cash have introduced new features to help poker players improve their game. Other important news include the updated version of Unibet Poker and new features in the poker software.

Unibet Poker switches to new software

For many years Unibet Poker has been part of the Microgaming Poker Network. However, in February 2014, the room left the network and switched to its own software developed by Relax Gaming. The move to an offline platform was a coup and helped attract more players. On the other hand, the growth in traffic has caused many technical problems.

To solve them, the Unibet Poker 2.0 software was developed with the launch of the beta version on December 1, 2016. The new software runs in HTML5 and features improved graphics, an improved Hand History player, and better performance on computers, tablets and smartphones. In addition, it is possible to play in multitable mode from portable devices.

PokerTracker upgrade

One of the changes affected the tournament statistics. Previously, players' win rates were calculated to tenths, based on the size of the big blind, now the calculation is made to hundredths. Fixed an issue with the HUD editor crashing when setting font 0. For PokerStars players, Hand History now supports 3-max hands. Also, the problem with the incorrect display of the prize fund in the SnG has been fixed.

NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0 Releas

On November 9, the extended set of statistics NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0 was released. The new version is easy to install and use, but much more powerful than previous releases.

In addition to 1,650 valuable notes, the software offers:

  • 13 pop-up windows with the ability to view statistics for each specific situation. The data is arranged in a specific order using color coding, which makes the information easier to read;

  • the most effective HUD with quick access to the most important information.

The program is available for free use for 15 days and will be of interest to anyone who plays cash or is already familiar with NoteCaddy.

DriveHUD is out now

The creators of Leak Buster and Ace Poker Drills have released a program called DriveHUD. The software includes a new HUD and poker database. DriveHUD is easy to install and supports major poker rooms including PokerStars. In addition, the program has:

  • 12 built-in HUDs and the ability to create your own;
  • a badge system to indicate the game of opponents;
  • player profile system;
  • lots of statistics and graphs;
  • play Hand History;
  • equity calculator.

Free trial for 30 days allows you to fully appreciate all the advantages of DriveHUD. The program has Hold'em and Omaha versions, as well as the ability to buy their combination at a reduced price.

PokrHUD is a great opportunity to evaluate the benefits of HUD

The use of HUDs and databases can greatly improve your poker game. The main disadvantage of such programs is their price. The creators of PStatTrack invite players to evaluate the benefits of such software together with PokrHUD, the beta version of which is currently available absolutely free.

PokrHUD can track your Hold'em and Omaha play, including tournaments, cash games and SnGs. The program offers a HUD with the possibility of personal settings and a choice of preflop and postflop play. In cash games, the results are tracked and presented in the form of graphs.
So far, the software is only compatible with PokerStars and Full Tilt, but in the near future it is planned to expand the number of supported sites, as well as make useful additions. Despite the fact that the full version of PokrHUD will be paid, the creators of the program promise that its price will be much lower than similar programs.

Phil Ivey's poker school gets a video from Chris Wallace

The Phil Ivey Video School offers poker fans a great opportunity to learn from some of the best poker players in the world. The site contains educational videos on all kinds of poker topics from real professionals in the game.

The latest video, titled "WSOP $ 3,500 GTD", is by acclaimed poker player and gold bracelet winner Chris "Fox" Wallace. Most of the video focuses on the resteal technique and how it is used.