Poker Tracker has been updated to version 4.14.21


Poker Tracker is one of the best known brands in the third party poker software industry, providing users with a world class experience for over 10 years. This software is known primarily for its excellent HUD and powerful database.

The reason for the constant increase in the loyal customer base is that updates are often released for the product. The company charges money not multiple times, but once when purchasing a lifetime license; subsequent releases it provides users absolutely free.

What's new in PT4

Recently, the developer introduced a new version of the software - Poker Tracker 4.14.21. Most of the changes, although not all, relate to problems with specific rooms.

Two points apply to all poker networks. Tournament statistics changed, now HUD shows the number of big blinds for each player in two numbers. Previously, this figure was rounded to the nearest whole number. This was useful for many players, but thanks to the update, some users who perform advanced calculations in the analysis can find a raise where they folded, and vice versa.
Additionally, a bug has been fixed in the HUD editor that could cause a crash when setting the font size to zero. It probably didn't affect most of the customer base, but it's nice to see the fix.

For PokerStars players, the hand player can now work in 3-max format. In addition, the problem of incorrect reading of the prize fund in the popular lottery Spin & Go has been fixed. This is very important, as many players adjusted their stats manually, while others had inaccurate information about these tournaments in the database.

A fix has been released for play money games as well, as high bets have been blocked in the Poker Tracker 4 low limit license.

The players of the British room PokerStars have now improved the determination of the size of the entrance fee to the satellites. Affiliate Full Tilt had an issue with the fast fold format and has now been resolved.

The rake is now correctly recorded in No Limit Hold'em at 888, where it has recently increased. In addition, freerolls used to be registered with a buy-in of € 30 + 3, and now they are displayed correctly.

For iPoker, fixes have been applied to Double Up tournaments and a hand counter issue introduced in Poker Tracker 4.14.20.

As this developer constantly keeps on top and releases updates, his software is one of the best tracking and HUD software in the world. If you are not using it yet, why not try the 30-day free version?