Partypoker: Powerfest completion, PP Live $$$ leaderboard, doubts on MILLIONS


Already the traditional number one newsmaker in the online poker world, partypoker continues to create news stories around it. The major Powerfest tournament series, which ended yesterday, has come to an end.

The race for the million dollars, which started last year and marked the introduction of the PPL domestic currency, is about to end. There is also less positive information: it is likely that the legendary high roller event partypoker MILLIONS online will not only not exceed the size of its guarantee last year's event, but will also offer players a few million less.

Powerfest, goodbye!

The two-week Powerfest series for tournament players officially ended on Monday at the Party. It was a joy to both poker players, who tasted an exquisite dish in the form of impressive guarantees, and to the party poker management, because almost all tournaments pleased with their massiveness (thereby avoiding overlay).

The most expensive tournament of the series (buy-in $ 25,500) remained with the citizens of the Russian Federation, whose representatives took 2/3 of the podiums and took away almost $ 1,000,000 in prize money in total. The owner of the 4th place, the famous representative of Middle-earth, also attracts attention.

In the second highest grossing tournament, a party poker's attempt to drag its representative to the top-1 is clearly visible. Alas, it didn’t grow together. The first prize went to Hungary.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

The top three tournaments with the greatest guarantee were closed by yesterday's millionaire. The tournament ended with a deal, but HaHaHakim became the formal winner.

The race for PP Live $$$ is coming to an end.

A year ago, partypoker established a special internal currency PP Live $$$, which can be used to pay for flights and hotel stays, as well as directly contribute as buy-ins to live tournaments held by the room.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

In honor of the launch of the currency, it was decided to hold a special race, playing 1,000,000 PPL among the most active grinders in party poker tournaments. The race is coming to an end: first place is confidently held by Marty Mathis, ahead of the second participant by a whopping 300,000 PPL. The Russian Alexander Merzhvinsky is located on it.

Since the initiation of the new currency, more than 23,000,000 PPL $$$ have already been drawn and it is actively used by tournament players at all kinds of live events. Partypoker's Local Currency Promotion is a success.

MILLIONS online are going to reduce the degree?

A few days ago, information about the guaranteed prize pool of the tournament in the amount of $ 20,000,000 disappeared from the official website of partypoker. There are only approximate dates of the tournament (late November - early December). This made the poker community question whether the guarantee for a record-breaking tournament would rise, or at least remain unchanged. Party representatives do not comment on the information. One hypothesis is that instead of a solo tournament, MILLIONS online will turn into a high-roller tournament action that will capture the attention of grinders from all over the world and surrounding planets. We hope that the Vogons will traditionally ignore the brilliant event and will not come.

Particularly strange are the doubts of the party poker against the background of last year's success, when the $ 5300 buy-in tournament managed to exceed the sky-high guarantee and the total prize money just fell slightly short of $ 22,000,000.

The Powerfest screenshots clearly show that some players managed to get to the top lines of the final results of several tournaments at once. Such success would be almost impossible without the use of poker support software. Yes, it is a little more difficult to form an impression of opponents' play in multi-table tournaments based on statistical indicators than in cash games. However, it is foolish to deny that in a game as multifaceted as poker, the slightest bit of information can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. This means that the use of software for collecting and analyzing statistics is no longer an additional opportunity, but a vital necessity. You don't want to lose a fortune just because you didn't want to use the statistical calculations of Hand2Note, Holdem Manager 3 and Poker Tracker 4?

Another factor contributing to the victories of less worthy (in comparison with you) personalities is often the distraction of unimportant factors and the lack of time to make an informed decision. Tinkering with the sizing slider, determining from which position the opponent opens, studying the previous action using chat - all this seriously affects the combat efficiency and thought process of a tournament player. Given the length of most online high roller tournaments, the importance of preserving the poker player's cognitive functions cannot be overestimated.

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