Obnovlenie PT4 v fevrale 2017


Don't underestimate the importance of a good HUD and database when playing online poker. This is all the more important the more tables you play at the same time.

Poker Tracker has been one of the leaders in this industry for many years, and its latest version is called PT4. The company not only provides one of the best tracking databases and HUDs, but also constantly updates them due to the changes that are taking place in the poker rooms. The best part is that all subsequent updates are absolutely free for license holders.

On February 21, a new release was released - 4.14.22.

It is not necessary to install it, but many people do it when the version is stable. They download the release even if the specified updates do not improve anything for them yet, as this can always happen later.

Local updates for Denmark and Portugal

Two important changes concern the local markets of Portugal and Denmark. This year, PokerStars launched a poker client for Portugal, which has been very popular since day one. Most of the room is similar to other establishments of this operator, but not all are the same. The latest version of RT4 has TableTracker.

This also applies to Denmark, where the Party Poker software has some peculiarities. For those playing on Danske Spil, the third-party software provider has now added full support for fast fold play.

These two additions affect separate segments of the Poker Tracker customer base, but there are several universal ones.

General improvements and fixes

The hand history replayer now supports 7-max games, and the powerful HUD editor now has the ability to draw a horizontal line and indicate a stat separator.

PokerStars 4-max games now have the Nova theme by default. And you may not even notice that the site has been moved to a different address.

There are also many fixes in the latest version of the program. Prevented resizing crashes, added better messages when clicking on data.

Premium add-ons no longer have stack caps when playing play money, and Mac users should note the improved video loading. In addition, an issue with incorrect exchange rates has been fixed.

There are also several fixes related to certain poker rooms. For example, PokerStars has resolved the import issue for single table hyper turbo tournaments, while Italy now supports € 0.84 + € 0.16 three table turbo tournaments.

When PartyPoker released an update, FastForward support was not working 100%. This has been fixed in the latest release. For Party Poker players, the problem with failed imports due to the Tricket bounty has also been resolved, and support for Bolt 4 games with fast fold has been added. In addition, a bug with determining the time zone has been fixed.

There was a weird situation on iPoker where parentheses in player names were causing import problems. This has been fixed in the new release.

In addition, bugs for Winamax users have been fixed. Buy-ins will now display correctly for all tournaments. Expresso lottery games are considered turbo events and their statistics are much better supported than before.