New Holdem Manager 3 is available for free!


Literally a few days after the release of our sensational and emotional material about the slowness of Holdem Manager 3 developers, positive changes have taken place: a pre-release version of this poker software was announced. The life-giving power of public resonance in action. Look, soon the 8th season of "Game of Thrones" will be reshomed with an adequate script.

Differences between HM3 and HM2

When development began in 2016, the focus was on increasing the overall speed of the poker program. Acceleration was made possible by the abandonment of PostgreSQL and the use of cloud technology. Finally, in Holdem Manager 3, it became possible to select the Russian language. The Pop-up editor has changed. Preset filters have been added for the most common situations at the poker table. There is also an option to turn off all the functionality of the tracking software, except for what is needed directly during the session, that is, the HUD.

When will it hit store shelves?

The question in the title is good, the developers, of course, did not answer it. The most realistic option that avoids high expectations is by the end of 2019. Or maybe the final product will be released exactly after the anniversary - 1000 days of development. This milestone will be crossed in the middle of summer. It is unlikely that the creators of Holdem Manager 3 are guided by exactly such considerations, but nobody canceled the magic of numbers.

How to get Holdem Manager 3 for free?

All users who purchased Holdem Manager 2 after October 28, 2016 have the right to receive a completely free license for the new product of Holdem Manager developers. If you want to become the owner of the coveted brand new poker software, then it makes sense to purchase the right to receive it right now. To do this, you just need to get Holdem Manager 2 and be patient while waiting for the new Hold'em Manager. It is very likely that after the official release of Holdem Manager 3, the price for it will be much higher than the transit method of buying through HM2. The best news - unlike the next Iphone, to get Holdem Manager 3 you will not need to stand in kilometer lines and spend the night in front of the HM3 \ PokerEnergy headquarters.