Note Caddy Edge now has 785 definitions


Good news from NoteCaddy Edge. As part of an update back in late June, the tracking program added new definitions to the Ultimate package. Now the number of these definitions is 785. The Ultimate package is one of the products offered by the developers of NoteCaddy Edge. It doesn't matter which one you choose for yourself - your game will in any case reach a new, higher level.

Available NoteCaddy Edge products include:

  • NoteCaddy Edge Hold'em Ultimate (for cash hold'em - 785 notes definitions)
  • NoteCaddy Edge Hold'em Essentials (for Cash Hold'em - 240 notes definitions)
  • NoteCaddy Edge PLO (for PLO cache)
  • NoteCaddy Edge MTT (for MTT)
  • NoteCaddy Edge SnG (for CIS)

With the NoteCaddy Edge Ultimate update, a number of new stats have also become available. Since you now see more than enough stats on your opponent while playing, you can be sure that NoteCaddy Edge will more than pay off the investment in the program.

New Notes Note Caddy Edge

In the latest version of NoteCaddy Edge Ultimate, several HUD modifications have been added, including pop-up stats showing the level of aggression, new stats for playing in position and out of position, Cold 4bet detection and a 4-bet and 5-bet graph, and the use of 4Bet Range instead of 4bet Total.
Thanks to another change, it will now be possible to speed up the program as a whole. As the release says: “If you uncheck the Save Note History box for all definitions used in charts and badges, the program will run faster. The option is useful for users who want to view the results of definitions in the NoteCaddy replayer. "
If you have not used NoteCaddy Edge before, we will briefly explain what the program is based on and what calculations it performs. The software focuses on the fact that almost every player adheres to certain trends in his game. NoteCaddy Edge calculates these trends and displays information to the user in a simple, clear, color-coded badge format. These badges appear on the flop, turn and river and allow you to make the right decisions at all stages of the game.
When you purchase one or another NoteCaddy Edge package, you automatically subscribe to all free software updates. Essentials went on sale in February due to popular demand from players. It is a shortened version of the Ultimate package that is perfect for beginners.