Table Ninja II Adds More Options for Popping Up Tables


A recent update to Table Ninja II, released about a week ago, added the ability to customize the behavior of the open tournament window. Now, when a new table is opened while Table Ninja II is running, the program can show a window immediately below the active window without taking focus away from it, that is, if, for example, you are texting on Skype, opening new tables will not interfere with you. You can decide to call, raise or fold after you are done with the current window.

There is also a setting option in which the new tournament window will be shown on top of all windows, but the focus remains with the current window. Table Ninja II officials explained “If you have another application open, the tables will open on top of all windows, but allow you to continue working with the active window.”

If you prefer to jump directly to a new table, you can configure Table Ninja II so that the new tables appear on top of all windows and take focus from active windows. This way you can immediately switch to action poker. The last new option is the ability to also open a new table on top of all windows, and transfer focus depending on the window over which the mouse cursor is located.

Regardless of how you use the new settings, you now have a lot more control over the behavior of the new tables. Regardless of whether you switch to other apps, you can now more conveniently work with multiple tables, especially if they are arranged in a stack. Also, Table Ninja 2 now recognizes Razz and Stud tables.

Table Ninja 2 is a powerful multi-tabling and tournament registration software. A huge number of settings and functions will not leave indifferent any grinder. Unfortunately, we temporarily do not sell Table Ninja II, but in the near future this program will be available at the link: Table Ninja 2