Millionaires has become more - the results of SCOOP 2019 and KO Series


The night from Sunday to Monday was very hectic in the poker environment: everyone held their breath in anticipation of new stars and millionaires who materialized through the results of several final tournaments of major online series. Summing up the results of SCOOP-2019 from Pokerstars, KO Series at Partypoker and XL Inferno from 888Poker.

SCOOP 2019

The most successful on this day was the Austrian Italian or the Italian Austrian Gianluca Speranza, who took the record prize of the entire SCOOP-2019 series. At the end of the final tournament, he became a millionaire. The second place went to the Belarusian player “OMGitshunt”. Although his metaphorical check fell slightly short of the seven-digit figure, but the result of the deal was quite even rather big $ 924,000. And in general, although the Belarusian won less than the Italian, however, in his homeland, he became a two-time millionaire (almost).

But Gianluca, on the contrary, would have lost the honorary status of a millionaire if we had set out to convert his winnings into the currency of the European Union. Of course, we will not do this - honor and glory to the victors.

The winner of the overall Pokerstars leaderboard at the end of the spring championship was the Finnish player "calvin7v". He was literally half the body ahead of his almost namesake from Mexico:

In addition to a commemorative medal, the Finnish poker player also received a $ 25,000 package for the Pokerstars Players NL Holdem Championship (PSPC) live tournament, which will be held in late 2019 in the Bahamas.

The news about the winners of such major tournaments is always stirring up blood. Each of us dreams of being the next hero in honoring the champion of the landmark online poker tournament and the winner of the fabulous prize money. But nothing worthwhile in this world is given to us without effort. These players worked a lot on their game: they improved their psychological stability, the skill of reading hands, the ability to multitable for tens of hours and not sag in the level of the game, they ran to the toilet faster than Usain Bolt. All this hard work paid off over time.

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KO Series from Partypoker

The irreconcilable competitors of Pokerstars - Partypoker also marked the end of the Main Event of their tournament series - KO Series. Chronologically, this even happened a little earlier, since, unlike the Stars, the Parties are not inclined to stretch the fun for several days and tournament # 52 with a guaranteed prize pool of $ 2,000,000 ended on the morning of May 27th.

The first two places were reserved for the subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As a result of the deal, they divided the prize money into almost equal shares. The difference between first and second place was $ 205. This is where you can say for sure that no one left offended.

Noteworthy is the nickname of the player who took the third place - "good-bye-PS". I won a large sum, and even said hello to Pokerstars. In favor of this, it's not a sin to tweak the RNG, yes, Party !?

Let us remind you that a new tournament series from Partypoker with the formidable name "Monster Series" will start very soon. It is primarily aimed at micro-stakes players. There are more than 100 tournaments planned, and all have one week. In order not to miss out on the $ 2,500,000 guaranteed prize pool giveaway, we strongly recommend that you try PartyCaption. This poker program is tailored for the most comfortable game at several tables at the same time. The best part is that about 40% of Monster Series tournaments have a low buy-in, which means that you can use PartyCaption absolutely for free (poker software is free in cash games up to NL10 inclusive, in tournaments - up to $ 3).

Main Event XL Inferno at 888Poker

A slightly more modest atmosphere reigned at 888poker: the Main Event prize was $ 500,000 and the winner did not credit the six figures. Although, the champion is from the Russian Federation and with a magic currency converter, we can transform his "unsightly" $ 70,000 into a magnificent several million "ever-wood" ones. Alternatively, we divide his winnings by the buy-in and we get an increase in our initial contribution by 281 times. Impressive. We celebrate the next successes of the players from Brazil, who took the other two places on the podium.

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