Maik Makdonald zapuskaet PokerShares


There are many sites that allow you to request funds to play poker. Some of them use sophisticated software that not only keeps track of winnings and losses, but also makes payments efficiently. At the same time, on other sites everything is simple - the players independently report and pay.
Backing allows you to play in tournaments that a person could not afford and reduce variance. Investors can earn and, at the same time, feel in the shoes of the players. One of the main complaints from investors and some players, including Mike McDonald, is that the mark-up is too high.

Bank of Timex was opened three years ago to combat this phenomenon. MacDonald offered a mark-up, which in most cases is lower than the mark-up requested by the player. This experiment was short-lived as Mike realized that there might be regulatory problems that he was unable to solve.

MacDonald tackled it again last week and launched a site called PokerShares. It uses the same concept as Bank of Timex, however it works on a principle that is familiar to many bettors.

In addition to this, this service has been licensed under the laws of Curacao. US regulators are unable to make claims as Americans are not allowed to place bets.

Timex explained the main reason for launching this site and explained why it can become popular with people who like to invest in players.
“The poker investment economics scares off buyers,” McDonald wrote when he launched the site. - The most desirable players are usually out of the reach of the customer network. Sellers choose bids even if the vast majority of buyers think they are unfair. In addition, the buyer must be sure that he will be paid. "

What will be on the site?

The site allows players to quickly deposit and withdraw funds through the popular Skrill system, with all bets being made in euros, regardless of what currency is assigned to a given poker event.

The service has a function for requesting a rate, which is currently not on the list. In some cases PokerShares may even offer negative margin bets.
At the moment it appears that this concept will be popular. Jason Moe tweeted that "@pokershares' rates look reasonable given the service," and Mike McDonald is trying to make the MTT market more rational.

This site is in beta testing and the poker community should expect to see improvements and assume there won't be the same hurdles that Bank of Timex had three years ago.

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