League Grinders and Glory Series-19 at TonyBet Poker


We are all crazy about tournaments with record guarantees, million dollar cash-player charts and big-name stars promoting the poker network or room brand to the masses. However, sometimes you should pay attention to lesser known poker operators. TonyBet Poker is holding some interesting promotions at the end of May: the Grinder League and Glory Series-19.

Glory Series-19

The independent poker room, positioning itself as the best choice for playing open-ended Chinese poker, is committed to promoting traditional no-limit hold'em as well. The GlorySeries-19 tournament series is scheduled for the end of May, including 42 tournaments with a total prize pool of 63,000 euros. What a round and atypical figure, isn't it !? However, the main beauty of small independent poker rooms is the weakness of a rather small pool of players.
Let's pay attention to three factors:

  • The main event of the tournament series will take place on June 2nd with a guaranteed prize pool of € 10,000;
  • TonyBet Poker is running a special race for all Glory Series participants: an additional € 5,000 in prize money will be distributed to the top 20 players
  • A 100% reload bonus of up to € 1,000 is timed to the series.

League of Grinders

From May to mid June, TonyBet runs a rake race with a prize pool of € 5,000. An important condition is that not only the cash rake is counted, but also the rake collected for participating in SNG and MTT tournaments. Every week, 500 € will be distributed among the top 20 grinders, and the end of the promotion will be marked by the distribution of elephants worth 3,000 €. Bonuses are credited within a week from the date of summing up.

TonyBet Poker has not spared modern poker trends: there is no support for poker programs and hand history saving. But the majority of the poker pool is made up of sports betting players; they are often not even familiar with the rules of the game of poker. The sweetness of the meadow eliminates the lack of the ability to use tracking software. On the other hand, a balanced strategy can be tested to its fullest. It's easy to do with the GTO+ poker software. It has a pleasant interface that distinguishes it favorably from its fellow craft. With just a few weeks of GTO+ classes, you’ll start talking fluffy. And your voice will be so loud that all opponents will be forced to either go deaf or buy TRP earplugs.

Another good way to hone your poker skills without poker software for collecting and analyzing statistics is Ace Poker Drills. The goal of this poker program is to intuitively develop your ability to assess the profitability of a particular call. Whether the call was made based on pot odds, how many net outs we have, and what would be worth discounting and many other difficult situations that constantly arise at the tables.