Крупное обновление Poker Tracker 4


PokerTracker 4 has recently been updated to version 4.10. This update has been in development for two months and contains many useful changes and improvements. Although the format of hand history files has remained unchanged over the last updates to PokerStars, a new feature has been added to the client to automatically center tables. The updated version of PokerTracker supports this feature and your HUD will display correctly.

For iPoker players, PokerTracker now supports time zones. This is important for the correct display of daily, weekly and monthly reports.

FullTilt Poker players can now use an automated query system to import Tournament summaries into PokerTracker. This is very convenient, since it tracks not only your tournament results, but also the places where your opponents are eliminated. PokerTracker also now supports Full Tilt Poker play money games. This is great news for beginner players.

Also, the new update adds support for the new PartyPoker software. In addition, PokerTracker has learned how to track PartyPoker play-money games.

As you may be aware, PokerTracker 4 is one of the most reliable tracker software that supports Mac OS X. Accordingly, this update adds support for the new 888 Mac client and the updated PartyPoker client.

Analyzing results has become easier with the addition of the ability to reset all filters. Tournament results editor now has a new filter by active player.

A new HUD feature has been added which makes it possible to display stats per player for the last few weeks only. This is useful when playing against players with huge sample sizes, you can only see the actual statistics. Since most players change their playstyle over time, old statistics can become irrelevant, and new statistics are always preferable for decision making. Added popup to table statistics HUD with additional information.

Another new feature is support for Premium HUDs. Premium HUDs are created by third party developers and will be available for purchase and use through PokerTracker. This is very convenient for those who do not want to reinvent the wheel and get a ready-made customized HUD that displays all the information they need.

Added an option to turn off equity display in the hand player. Although this feature is usually very useful, sometimes it is better to disable it to make sure that your decision is objective in the distribution.

Many other minor updates and improvements have also been added, including changes to charts, interface, and TableTracker.

With this update, PokerTracker proves once again that it remains at the forefront of statistical poker software.

If you are not already using PokerTracker 4, you can buy it from our store. The price ranges from $ 59.99 to $ 159.99 depending on your needs. The program also has a free 30 - day trial period.