Warped cash race and golden rain from Unibet


While all the major poker rooms and networks focused solely on the grandiose and not too tournament series, Unibet Poker has already managed to fulfill its own and decided to cunningly take advantage of the situation, luring a fraction of the traffic for itself. To attract the attention of the players, it was decided to hold 3 actions in parallel at once: "Spring Prize Drop", "HexaPro Daily Races" and "Spring Bootcamp".

Spring Bootcamp

The spring boot camp started long before the beginning of May, but it continues and will end in the last month of spring. Unibet poker decided not to conduct a typical grinder action, but slightly modified it: points are awarded both for the regularity of the game and for more outlandish achievements, such as a straight flush or a flop seen in two hands in a row. The general picture of the ingenuity of the dark geniuses from Unibet is as follows:

Last week, € 6,000 at stake in the upper camp and € 4,000 on average.

HexaPro Daily Races

Unibet Poker has prepared a special offer for regular spinners: for four weeks, a part of the guaranteed prize pool of € 27,000 will be drawn every day. Cash prizes will be distributed across three ranges (the internal hierarchy depends on the limit played). For example, for the highest number of points scored at the spin limits for € 50 and € 100, the following is due:

The fight will be especially hot on Sunday, as double prizes are at stake.
It is curious that the player can appear in all three leaderboards. Another thing is that not every poker player wants to play parallel spin and go tournaments for € 5 and € 100.

100,000 € Unibet Poker Spring Prize Drop

The most impressive Unibet promotion will take place at the poker cash tables. They will be giving away bonus points, tournament entries to HexaPro and even € 100 Supernova cash tickets. There is also a traditional division into bronze, silver and gold drops (respectively, for playing at the limits NL4, NL10, NL25 +). Prizes are distributed randomly - the more tables that meet the given parameters you play, the higher the chances of getting a reward. If you are lucky enough to be at the prize table, then the bonus will be received by all participants in the distribution (who have invested in the pot). The promotion will last until June 23.

Unibet poker is a pioneer among rooms and networks that has completely abandoned support for poker programs for collecting and analyzing statistics. The result of this decision was:

The exodus of a large number of professional poker players;
A sharp increase in the number of amateurs and weak players in the pool.
It is not hard to understand that the current conditions promise great benefits to players with honed skills in balanced play. The best poker software for transitioning from an operational strategy to a full-fledged TRP is the GTO+ poker calculator. After a few weeks of painstaking work with the decision tree, you can literally burn out the regulars of your limit with your balanced lines.

But before you engage in full-fledged development of playing skills postflop, it is worth thinking about adequate preflop ranges. Power-Equilab will be an excellent help in working with them, which allows you to display all ranges on one card matrix. You will no longer need to work with constant switching between different tabs of ranges in Flopzilla and, even more so, screenshots of your spectra.
And to lay a solid foundation for the theory of optimal play, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the revolutionary work of Matt Janda "Theoretically optimal strategy for playing NL Holdem".