Monster Series Results and Partypoker Special Edition Announcement


On the eve of a series of Monster Series tournaments with a total guarantee of $ 2,500,000. It is time to sum up the most important tournaments of the series from Partypoker. The announcement of a special tournament from the Powerfest series was not long in coming.

Monster Series

The Monster Series is not the first time at Partypoker. Even this year. The tournament promotion is focused on low-limit players: the available buy-ins and high guarantees arouse considerable interest among tournament players with small bankrolls. Partypoker did not disappoint this time either. For more than 120 tournaments, over 2,500,000 prizes were awarded.

The biggest winner of the tournament series was a player from Bulgaria with the nickname “wasTheWalrus”. For 9.5 hours of the tournament, he turned $ 55 into $ 33,363$, beating the Russian player "ssn68" in HU. Separately, we draw attention to the success of poker players from Brazil. Four representatives in the top 13 look impressive.

The Moster Series's largest prize pool predictably became a knockout tournament and a $ 200,000 guarantee. Characteristically, the bounty prize fund exceeded traditional prize payouts. The winner was the Russian "Anton733555". He got $ 13,263.

The three most important tournaments closed the tournament, which opened the series. By the way, also a progressive knockout tournament. The main prize went to the player from Brazil "Ineedcagari". He became richer at $ 10.050. In HU, the player from Russia “kuzja06” was again defeated (Russian hackers are everywhere!). However, he is hardly too upset - he was comforted by $ 10.032 for second place.

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Power Series - Special Edition

The Power Series tournaments at Partypoker are known for their favorable ratio of low entry fees and high guarantees. The next alluring event is scheduled for June 16: for just $ 11 you will have the opportunity to fight for victory in a tournament with a $ 100,000 guarantee. If you don’t like Pokerstars on the anniversary Sunday Storm, then the special Power Series is your choice! And your chances of winning significantly increase if you have information about your rivals. To get data for each opponent in a big tournament is almost impossible task. But Sharkscope helps you! A huge base of online tournaments will allow you to instantly determine the type of opponents, their form and develop a strategy to combat them.