Interview with the creator of the Poker VOD Creator


Dear friends!

We would like to introduce you to the creator of the new Poker VOD Creator software for poker players. He will tell us about his program, who it is for and what is special about it.

poker vod creator

PokerEnergy: Hello Vladimir. We recently learned about the release of your Poker VOD Creator software. Tell us what this program is and who is it for?

PVC: Hello. It is a video recording and editing program whose main purpose is to create poker tutorials. The key feature is that when you play, firstly, what is happening on the screen is recorded, and secondly, the hand history is read, that is, the events at the open tables are tracked. What does it give you, you ask? Let's say you played for one hour and recorded a video. The likelihood that an interesting action for the viewer took place at the tables for the entire hour is very small. Most likely, somewhere 50% of the time you were waiting for a suitable hand to discuss, and the remaining 50% of the time you tried to fill with some general reflections so that the waters did not look empty. Theoretically, you could open the recording in some video editor and cut out everything uninteresting, but in general-purpose editors you cannot immediately see where interesting distributions began, where they ended and what needs to be cut. Removal will take a lot of time. Therefore, no one really does it.

If you recorded the session using the Poker VOD Creator, then in the editor you can see all the hands dealt. With one click of the mouse, you delete unnecessary distribution. You can also remove from the video all hands that are folded preflop with one click. In a video tutorial on the main page of the program's website, I show how this is done using an example of a 10-minute session. After removing useless distributions, about 40% of the video remains. Only 4 minutes, and all the action is saved. This is the main feature of Poker VOD Creator - saving the viewer's time.
pvcBy the way, there is another way to create waters. First you record a session of any length, even without sound, and then create comments on interesting distributions and glue them into one video. It will be somewhat similar to water with the use of replayers, but more interesting, since the viewer sees both the timing and the statistics of the opponents that are relevant at that time.

Obviously, the software will be useful for poker coaches recording waters. However, I hope that other players will appreciate it, as they will be able to record their sessions and post them for discussion on the forums. Nowadays, the publication of text descriptions of controversial distributions is popular, but watching such moments in video format is much more interesting :)

There is another way of using the program, which is not so obvious. If you are a professional poker player and coach others, then often your services include analyzing student videos. If the student has used a general-purpose recording program, then you are forced to review the entire video. If you used Poker VOD Creator lite, then you will see everything that happens during the session immediately. And, of course, you can easily write down comments on the wrong pranks, and then make a video out of them.

РokerЕnergy: Does Poker VOD Creator have analogues?

PVC: As a screen recorder, yes, it does, but as a software that makes it easier to create waters for poker players, it doesn't. I am not aware of any easier and faster ways to edit poker videos than those implemented in Poker VOD Creator.

РokerЕnergy: How and when did you get the idea to create the Poker VOD Creator?

PVC: About a year and a half ago, when my passion for poker began. Like most of those reading this article, I did not play at random, but studied books, studied articles on strategy and, of course, watched the waters. The need to spend an hour watching a video that could last 20 minutes and not lose in the least in quality made me very upset. Then the idea came to parse the history of hands during the game and thus compare the hands with sections of the video.

РokerЕnergy: How long did it take to develop Poker VOD Creator and how many people worked?

PVC: It took about half a year from the moment the first line of code was written to the first public version. And I'm still working on the program alone.

РokerЕnergy: Do you plan to develop in other directions in the field of poker software? Or do you plan to continually improve the Poker VOD Creator features?

PVC: I really like poker and the people it unites, so I will definitely develop in the field of poker software. Now there are already several ideas not related to video editing that could be implemented into products, but in the near future they will only work on the Poker VOD Creator, so as not to be scattered.

PokerЕnergy: Are you preparing any discounts for the New Year holidays?

PVC: Yes, of course. Until January 1, 2013, there is a 40% discount for any buyer. And there is also an opportunity to get a 60% discount. To do this, you need to subscribe to PokerVODCreator's twitter and request a discount coupon by personal message.

PokerЕnergy: Vladimir, thank you for agreeing to this interview. We will gladly post your software to our store and follow the development of the Poker VOD Creator. Good luck!

PVC: Thank you too, all the best.

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