Holdem Manager 3 is knocking on our doors


Back in 2012, the official version of Holdem Manager 2 saw the light, which at first many players accepted with hostility, since compared to the first version, it was very demanding on the hardware and many began to complain about braking when playing at several tables. The situation was rectified only thanks to hasty updates, which, however, were not released as quickly as desired, so even a few months after the release of Holdem Manager 2, most players continued to play the first version of the client, which was much easier and simpler. Now only notorious conservatives use the hopelessly outdated Holdem Manager 1, so we will not remember about it anymore, but will briefly consider the upcoming new product - Holdem Manager 3.

The good news is that there is already a working beta version available for download for Holdem Manager 2 license holders! So, if you are one of them, you can now, after logging in, go to the site holdemmanager.com and download HM3 for trial.

For those who do not have a Holdem Manager license yet or who are waiting for a full third part, we will start our mini-review.

Holdem Manager 3 review

  1. Multilingual. Now it will become easier for Russian-speaking users to understand the numerous settings that any software of this kind abounds in. Moreover, multilingualism is expressed not simply in the addition of several major international languages. At the moment, there are as many as 12 available to choose from! The developers did not ignore the fact that most of the regulars are from Ukraine, so, among other languages, Ukrainian is also present. To complete the picture, there is still not enough Belarusian)
  2. Rejection of PostgreSQL. Now, for the full-fledged work of Holdem Manager 3, you do not need to download and separately install the PostgreSQL database. It is difficult to say why such a decision was made, but, quite possibly, due to the excessive slowness of the above-mentioned database storage system. The choice was made in favor of the lighter and faster SQLite, which is already built into the HM3 installation file. In addition, according to the developers, now the database will take up 20-30% less space than before and will be in the form of just one file in the My Documents folder. The advantage of this solution is that to quickly transfer this database when, say, reinstalling Windows, you will only need to “copy-paste” this file onto the newly installed HM3 client. And this is a real breakthrough compared to the database from previous versions of Holdem Manager, in the form of a heap of endless folders and files cluttering the often not very well-ordered file system of the average PC user.
  3. New functionality called “HM3 HUD only”. Now, when Holdem Manager is installed, not one shortcut to launch the program will appear on the desktop, but two. The first is a standard full-fledged launch of the application, with a full set of tools both for the game and for analyzing statistics, opponents, etc. But the second shortcut is designed to launch only those functions that are needed directly for the game - HUD and auto import. This is a very cool solution that allows you to significantly save on the consumption of computer resources, since the game of poker becomes more difficult every year and the regulars are in a permanent "arms race", using more and more auxiliary software during the game. Why is there software, in search of more and more fatty fish, many not only multitables, but already “multi-room” with might and main. Naturally, in such conditions, every megabyte of free RAM is expensive.
  4. We took into account the mistakes and made it easier. The developers took into account the mistakes that they made when releasing HM2 and which we wrote about at the beginning of the article, so no one can complain that with each new version of Holdem Manager it becomes more and more demanding on the hardware. Now everything happened exactly the opposite and this is a definite plus for those who have not decided which tracker to choose for playing on a weak PC.
  5. Many other innovations, such as new stats, pop-ups, filters, reports, a completely new visualization of the HUD in the form of a pie chart, etc. But, firstly, these changes were already implied, and in fact they are just simply improved versions of what was already in previous clients. And secondly, this is a topic for another, more extended article with illustrations and instructions, which has already begun to be written on our forum.

Upgrade HM2 to HM3

You can use Holdem Manager 3 beta now if you have a Holdem Manager 2 license! And after the official release of HM3, you won't need to buy it. Bought Holdem Manager 2 - HM3 for free!

Good luck at the tables!