Holdem Manager 3 is on the horizon


A new era in the development of poker databases and HUDs may come soon as Holdem Manager is currently beta testing the third version of the software.

For starters, the entire interface has been completely redesigned to give it a more modern look. The new design is much clearer, simpler and more understandable than the old one. Equally important is the fact that users now need to make fewer clicks to solve software problems.

The HUD design has also been redesigned - into the so-called Visual HUD, which makes all the basic data on opponents readable at a glance. Also, in the improved editor of the new version, it is much easier to customize the HUD just the way you want. If you're having trouble filling in pop-ups, you'll be glad to know that HM3 includes a more powerful and easier-to-use pop-up editor.

Postgre SQL is no longer needed?

The database has also been improved. PostgreSQL is no longer required and should fix some user issues. The difficulties most often occurred when clients tried to use HM2 for the first time.

It also reported that there has been significant improvement in tournament detection, which has been the subject of complaints with older versions of the program.
In addition, Holdem Manager 3 has Situational Views. This is a collection of views on common situations that many poker players find themselves in every session. Such information can also be obtained from HM2, but only when opening several reports.

The software now allows you to create powerful filters using a self-populated query called Holdem Manager Query Language (HMQL). This should be great for those looking to really cut down on some aspects of their information.

Holdem Manager 3 FAQ

When will Holdem Manager 3 go on sale?

The date of the full release of HM3 is still unknown, and HM2 is still supported. At the moment, a small group of players are testing the software and giving daily feedback to the developers. The goal is to eliminate bugs as much as possible during the public release.

How much will the program cost?

The price of the new version has not yet been set, but it will become known closer to the day of release.

What is a graphical HUD?

This is a new HUD that will be built into HM3. It will initially only be supported on PokerStars at cash and tournament tables. Zuma will not be supported. It will look like this:


Values ​​a, b and c show the main indicators in field f: VPIP, PFR, Aggression%, d - player's name, e - number of hands. In the g field, you can observe the points between which you can switch to see other indicators. By clicking on the rando label area, you can mark the player.

Is it possible to disable HUD in HM3?

Yes, if you don't like it, then you can disable this Hud option.

If I buy an HM2 today, will I need to pay for an HM3 on the day of release?

No. Anyone who bought an HM2 on or after October 28, 2016 will receive the upgrade to HM3 for free.