Holdem Manager 2 Updates User Interface


Holdem Manager 2 will release an update to the user interface soon. As a result, the settings will be divided into four categories: "Common Settings", "Mucked Cards", "HUD Font" and "Advanced Settings". These changes will greatly simplify the process of using the program.

As HM2 employees write on the company's blog, “Separating these options minimizes what the user sees on one screen. If you remember the old settings, they were presented on one screen with more than thirty options. Now they are being split into smaller pieces so as not to clutter up the space with options. "

On the Common Settings screen, for example, you can hide the HUD for hero, use session statistics, show the notes icon, auto-ranking icon, abbreviations. These functions can be turned on and off by simply checking and unchecking the checkbox. Clicking on the plus allows you to see all the options within one category, and clicking on the minus - collapses the menu.

The filters will also be divided into four categories: Game Stakes and Number of Players, Common Filters, Position and Action, and Vs Player. By clicking on the plus next to a heading, you can see what options it contains. For example, in the "Game Stakes and Number of Players" section, you can find a choice of room, number of players, currency, size of bets and antes. It is enough to click on the minus for this area to automatically collapse.

In addition, Holdem Manager 2 recently introduced version As part of the update, it became possible to temporarily block the Auto-Import Folders update. Players who regularly use Holdem Manager 2 reports have probably noticed that the developers have fixed a bug, as a result of which the "Tournament Winnings Graph" did not match the provided reports. All data should now converge.