Holdem Manager 2 Improves Rush Poker Support


The latest update to the popular tracking software Holdem Manager 2 includes a number of changes that will be important to Rush Poker players at Full Tilt Poker.
It is no secret that it was Rush Poker, launched in 2010, that was the first variant of fast fold poker. As soon as your actions in the hand are over, you are transferred to a new table with a new composition of participants, where the next hand will begin soon. Many other sites have copied this concept because of its tremendous popularity.

What can Rush Poker players expect now?

Holdem Manager developers said: “The mechanism used for Rush Poker has been improved. Players will notice improvements in speed and reliability. We've also added a new feature specifically for Rush Poker, which removes the player's HUD from the table. After reviewing the feedback, we will consider making this feature optional in the future. ” This additional component will be released in the next release of HM2.

The disappearance of the HUD after a fold will significantly speed up the application, since the statistics will not be updated when the person is not participating in the hand. Given the number of opponents you have to face at the speed tables, it's important to equip yourself with a fully functional HUD. How else do you know who you are playing against?

The updated version of Holdem Manager 2 includes several new stats, in particular, Call 3Bet Range by Position and Fold / Call / 4bet vs Re-Steal for CO / BTN. The 4bet Range numbers have been corrected after they started showing different values ​​in various reports. The problem with the heads-up postflop position filter has also been fixed.

In addition to the changes to Rush Poker, Full Tilt Poker players have been asked to update their win rate in Super Turbo tournaments. The EV line for a number of tournaments in this room has also been updated. For players from other rooms, the Active Session summary tab has now changed the format, and the notes imported from the first version of Holdem Manager received the corresponding icons.