HM2 uluchshil podderzhku turnirov Zoom


Many agree that a tracking database and a HUD are essential for online poker success. Most would also agree that Hold'em Manager 2 provides one of the most reliable third-party software packages with a world-class heavy-duty database and HUD.

It is good that you do not need to pay a subscription fee for using НМ2, it is enough to purchase a software license once. It's especially nice that this includes free updates for the entire life of the program.

This is important as new features are being released, institutions are changing the way they record hand histories. In addition, from time to time, poker rooms change the terms and conditions of what is allowed to be shown using a third party HUD.

Holdem Manager New Release

Needless to say, HM2 is constantly developing new releases to stay ahead of the curve. Last week they released the HM update in beta. This means that testing has been done, but the developers want customer feedback before releasing the permanent version.

On the Hold'em Manager forum, the developers tell you how you can rollback to a previous release if you have any problems with the update. It may not make sense for you to download the beta - it all depends on where and what you play.

Everything new in the latest release is related to PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party Poker and the SNG Wizard 2 extension. So if you don't play at any of these poker rooms or use SngWiz2, don't worry about this release. Otherwise, keep reading to find out what you can expect from this update.

The big change for PokerStars is support for Zoom tournaments. You probably know that there is a cash game where, as soon as you fold, you are transferred to a new table of the same limit with other participants. There are also tournaments where you change seats until you go very deep. Having a HUD in these games that works properly gives you a huge advantage as there is no table dynamics. Your player statistics will prove invaluable.

The big news is that this competition now has a new hand history format. Every time it changes, you need to update the software that reads it. This release is intended to make Zoom tournaments smooth when using HM2. In addition to this, the company has added support for Win the Button tournaments.
For Party Poker players, the main update is support for anonymous tables. You won't have historical statistics for them, but at least session statistics, which is much better than nothing.

A small part of HM2 clients will be affected by another small change - solving the problem with the “vs. Squeeze ".

Last but not least, the "non-all-in" equity was adjusted in SNG Wizard 2. Every user of this software is advised to download the beta version.