Announcing Good Game Series 3 at PokerOK and GGNetwork


GGNetwork poker network is gradually reaching the long-standing industry leaders from Pokerstars. The growing traffic of players, impressive promotions and huge guarantees of the tournament series - all this increases the competitiveness of PokerOK, Natural8 and other GGNetwork poker rooms.

So this time, along with WCOOP-2019 at Pokerstars, the Good Game Series 3 tournament series will be held. The key numbers are as follows:

  • The total series warranty will be a record $ 50,000,000;
  • Dates: from September 8 to September 29, 2019;
  • The series will hold 478 tournaments.

Qualifying satellites will invariably accompany every event of the Good Game Series 3 tournament series. Thus, you can take part in this poker festival without having to spend a decent part of your bankroll.
Here are the most delicious of the claimed events:

Good Game Series 3 Leaderboard

Traditionally, along with a major tournament series on GGNetwork, a special rating is also being established. The places in it will be distributed by the best players according to the results of the series. The key indicator will be the points of the series, which will be awarded depending on the parameters of a particular tournament:

  • Buy-in size;
  • Number of participants;
  • Your final place.

There will be 3 leaderboards in total - high (buy-in $ 1000 and above), medium (from $ 100 to $ 1000), low (from $ 5 to $ 99).

How to increase the chances of success in the Good Game Series 3?

Poker Network GGNetwork and PokerOK do not allow the use of auxiliary poker programs. Many poker players are frightened by this restriction. They prefer not to get in touch with the poker room or network, where their operational capabilities are limited. However, in MTT, the impact of statistics on overall success is not so great.

But you will definitely increase your chances of winning with the Sharkscope poker service. It allows you to monitor 99.9% of the total MTT data array. This allows you to know more about your opponents, their results, average buy-in and current form. Using Sharkscope will not be a guarantee of success, but a little more information about the features of the game of opponents will give you a significant advantage. Subscribe now and win the Good Game Series 3.