Finally! Spin & Go is now in the format of 6+ Holdem on Pokerstars


If you are a fan of experimental disciplines and “not like everyone else”, then you will like the latest innovation from Pokerstars. A few years ago, Pokerstars introduced an experimental discipline that was very successful and greatly influenced the further development of online poker. Now Pokerstars intends to repeat the success of Spin & Go and popularize poker with a short deck. Attention - spoiler: the idea to combine two dispersion formats in one type of tournaments will cause another wave of indignation among the poker community.
The first information about the possible appearance of Spin-n-Go tournaments on Pokerstars according to the rules of 6+ Holdem appeared a few months ago. Documents testifying to the imminent announcement were found in the Pokerstars folders after the next update of the software of the client PS. The big storm of emotions from the introduction of the new format PokerStars users have not experienced. After the establishment of Stars Reward to surprise them is incredibly difficult.
Available limits for 6+ Holdem Spin & Go: $ 1, $ 3, $ 15, $ 30, $ 100. The maximum multiplier is x10,000. Information about the probability of a particular value of Pokerstars does not yet result.

StarsCaption - poker software that is useful in the new Spin-n-Go

When establishing new poker formats, it is very important to quickly respond and try to get maximum value against a weak pool. Regulars have not yet appeared, and recreational players are always actively interested in new games. Especially this statement is relevant for mixing two disciplines that are popular among fishes.
You will be able to win more when you increase the cleared distances. At Pokerstars, this is easiest to do using the StarsCaption poker program. It is designed to make playing at multiple tables as convenient as possible. Arrangement of tables on the screen of your monitor, pre-set automatic bet sizes, transfer of stacks to the big blinds are not all the functions of this useful poker software. Another significant reason to take advantage of StarsCaption is free of charge poker software at limits up to NL10 and tournaments up to $ 3 inclusive. And yet - StarsCaption has a free trial period of 30 days without any buy-in restrictions. For only $ 2 a month, you will become the owner of a poker program that pays for itself expenses every day.
P.S. An additional argument to pay attention to the products of the PokerEnergy store is the loyalty program in the form of Energy Points charged for each purchase. Due to these points, you can make all subsequent acquisitions much cheaper and save a lot of money.