Are you ready to fulfill your dream with Pokerstars?


The fight for new markets is gaining momentum: Pokerstars also want to get a piece of cake in the form of a Twitch audience. Unlike Partypoker, Pokerstars focus on attracting recreational players to high-profile events, rather than popular streamers. The next step in the direction of brand promotion will be a special poker tournament, which will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch.

The essence of the Pokerstars «Chase Your Dream» promotion is the opportunity to win a package for a special tournament event at EPT Barcelona. The entire tournament will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch, and the rivals of the package owners will be poker stars. The prize for the first place in this event will also be - 10,000 €.

The mini-tournament format is quite specific - the winners of the «Chase Your Dream» promotion will play 25 hands at the table against poker celebrities, and then the owners of the two biggest stacks will compete in HU for the main prize of the tournament. Lucky, except for tickets to the tournament live broadcast, relies:

  • Fly for two to Barcelona (home on foot is good for health);
  • Three nights in a five star hotel;
  • 500 € for pocket expenses.

How to win a package on Chase Your Dream from Pokerstars?

Till July 24th, Chase Your Dream freerolls are held daily. For a deposit of $ 10 with the code "DREAMEPT" you will immediately have 10 attempts (tickets) to win the Pokerstars promotion. The prize pool for each freeroll is $ 1,000, and they are held three times a day. To enter the casting stage, you will be required to occupy a place in the first twenty of the Pokerstars freeroll.

To pass the casting procedure, you will need to record a two-minute clip in English, where you will need to tell about yourself. The video will need to be uploaded to YouTube and send a link to it by email to [email protected]. The deadline is July 28th. For the two best videos, participants will be awarded packages "Chase Your Dream". Evaluate will be a special jury. Results will be announced on August 12th.

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