All-In Cashout - New Feature in Pokerstars Client


The essence of the innovative Pokerstars solution is the ability to pick up the pot on the flop depending on the equity of the hand. Suppose you are on the flop and go all-in with your opponent. You have pocket jacks on your hands, your opponent has a gutshot:

In the vast majority of cases (73.9%, to be more precise) the bank will remain with you. At 26%, your opponent will reach his outs and the win will go to him. But, if you activated All-In Cashout, the bank will be distributed between you and the opponent based on equity. Excluding 1% commission in favor of the gloomy geniuses from Pokerstars. The second player may agree to the distribution of the bank with equity or refuse. In the latter case, he will remain HU against Pokerstars. Finally, it will be possible to lose money not at the PokerStars tables, but directly to the poker room.

A very useful tool for ... Pokerstars, because there is never too much commission. Also, a new opportunity will appeal to the paranoid, with all their fibers of the soul, feeling that "again I will lose!" There is a possibility that All-In Cashout will also be of interest to poker players who are in a negative round of dispersion and who are trying to at least counterbalance its effect. Paradoxically, they will voluntarily reduce their own profits by increasing the rake of Pokerstars.

The next stage in the evolution of the PokerStars poker client is preflop insurance, insurance when entering the client, and insurance of legendary chests.

While a new idea is being tested at If the experiment is deemed successful, then the practice with All-In Cashout will extend to other Pokerstars customers.

StarsCaption - win without All-In Cashout!

Useful poker programs, like classic clothes, never go out of style. So StarsCaption, without any doubt, will be useful to you during poker sessions at Pokerstars tables. This miracle from the world of poker software allows you to play at multiple tables at the same time and not experience discomfort. StarsCaption transfers stacks to the big blinds, displays the built-in HUD, automatically arranges tables on the screen of your monitor. It makes it easy for you multi-tabling and makes it comfortable. In terms of monthly payments, StarsCaption will cost you only $ 2 per month. And the program’s functionality pays for itself literally every session. Do not believe it - try it yourself, because it can be used absolutely free for 30 days without any restrictions. If you play NL10\tournaments up to $ 3, then you can use it for free on an ongoing basis.
Cherry on the cake - for each purchase you will be awarded energy points, which will make the next purchase much cheaper and allow you to save.