It is finished: a revaluation of chests has occurred at Pokerstars


Just ten days ago, the long-standing monopoly and leader of the online poker industry, Pokerstars, announced a revision of its loyalty program. This time, the case was related to such an aspect of Stars Rewards as chests and their contents. Poker players, according to the tradition that has developed in recent years, nervously clenched their seats in anticipation. Now there is an opportunity to evaluate the innovations that have taken place after the fact and in more detail.

Filler meets specifications

The official Pokerstars website hints unequivocally that the number of chests has remained unchanged. Red chests underwent metamorphosis, which were disintegrated by the rays of love and adoration from the leadership of Pokerstars. Although you and I know that they were simply put on the other side of the overall picture, having previously dressed up in black decorations. Black is the new Red! In confirmation, here are the general conditions and the value of the chests in one colorful picture:

The screenshot above clarifies the whole situation in detail and demonstrates that here Pokerstars keeps its word, delighting ordinary poker players at least with consistency.

How many points are there for the Pokersta's chest?

The main point that worried all caring poker players and grinders of Pokerstars is how the requirement for the number of points for receiving chests will change. The answer has finally become known - for an increase in the size of the reward by about 3 times, you will need to fill more than twice the points (150 for red before, 350 for blue - now). It could have been a little better. However, knowing Stars, let's be content with little. In honor of the reboot of Stars Reward, players will receive a promotion and special prizes in the form of jackpots, contained in every hundredth chest. With the world on a string - you will be able to scrape together for rakeback from Pokerstars.
Movement through the levels of chests has also been simplified. Previously, it was required to open 4 chests during the day. Now, 10 chests received in 28 days will become a sufficient condition for moving to a new level.


The changes made radically change the balance of power in the confrontation between the largest rooms. The increase in the prize money of the lowest of the chests from the middle 10 cents to the mind-blowing and fixed 50 cents is like a continuous tsunami of Moneymaker effects. The rest of the rooms can only raise their legs to the top, beg for mercy or the imminent end of their cheesy existence. A field has already appeared on the official site of Pokerstars, where they accept surrender from the goofy rooms.

And now more serious! The changes to Stars Reward are purely cosmetic. They do not bring anything new to the loyalty program and do not add tangible benefits to playing at Pokerstars. Yes, now micro-stakes players will receive a little more rakeback at Pokerstars than it was before, but not so significant that one can confidently assert that conditions have improved and rakeback has increased. Pokerstars' goals remain unchanged - improving the environment goes hand in hand with creating an increasingly uncomfortable environment for professional poker players. In defense of Pokerstars and their management, it should be noted that at least the use of HUD, StarsCaption and StarsHelper is not threatened yet.